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Qiui Key Pod - Digital Chastity Keyholding

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Long-distance D&S relationship without key handover? Keep the keys close yet locked up. 

It is now possible thanks to the Qiui Chastity Key pod. A digital safe for your chastity cage keys, to keep your erection confined and your temptations at bay. The keyholder links to the safe via an APP and decides when it gets unlocked. Multiple games function such as timing a lockdown sessions for punishment or reward.
Just share your ID and get the full treatment - The possibility to have full online management by a mistress or a lover. 

For solo play, it is possible to set up a timer function and be kept under lock for the time allocated. How long can you last without breaking the vow of the chaste?
No emergency button, just your decision. 


The Qiui Key Pod is a smart key box for chastity lock keys - Bluetooth remote control, made by QIUI. You can connect the bluetooth box and unlock it through the  APP.  Even if you are in a different city or country, tap into the interaction with your keyholder.   



Scenario 1: Robert, self goals. 

“I need to purify myself and lock myself up for at least 72 hours, no more porn, no more distractions. Setting the Key pod timer for 3 days and waiting for the release. I have no choice but to succeed. Once released, I will reward myself with a special treatment and get locked for 7 more days. If my training is consistent enough, i can manage a full month of chastity” 

Scenario 2: Li, wife of Ron, 2000 km apart. 

“Hum, my little pet has been naughty again? Turn on the webcam so I can see your filthy face. Good. Now, wear your chastity for me and lock it. Those two keys from your shaky hand, put them in the key pod. Yes, like this. I now control your pathetic cock, I control your desires and your manhood. You are mine and I am the sole responsible for when you are allowed to be released. If you please me enough, my sinner.” 

How to use: 

  1. Press and hold the device button and let it go after the blue lights.
  1. After releasing the device, the device flashes green light, indicating that the device is to be connected.
  1. Click "+" in the upper right corner of QIUI APP to search for binding devices.
  1. After binding the device, click the device to connect automatically in the list page, and the blue light will flash after connection.

With the type C - charging port, you can charge it wherever.  


Weight: 1.7 oz/50 gr
Total Length: 2.8 inches/ 7.0 cm
Total Width: 1.1 inch/ 2.8 cm

How to put on a chastity device