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Rainbow Color Silk Kinbaku Rope - 8 meters

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Rainbow Color Silk Rope - 8 meters

Bamboo silk ropes are considered best for Japanese bondage. 
It might look like cotton or nylon on pictures - at least until you feel it. Run it through your fingers once and you will know why this is some amazing rope, soft and supple without the "burn" feeling one gets from pulling a synthetic fiber too quickly.

Bamboo fibers are famous for their natural anti-bacterial properties - Thus keeping your rope clean, as well as you or the ope bunny body. 

It is perfect for "messy" ties like gags, CBT, and such. 

Approximately 6mm in width. Not suitable for rope suspensions.
8 metered length / 26.25 feet

 It is spun with a single ply, 3 strands to a medium to tight twist. The strands are dyed prior to spinning so that the ropes have this beautiful color.

Be sure to check the knots at the end of the rope before each use as the soft and slippery nature may cause the knots to loosen.

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