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Banging Bench Sex Stool

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Banging Bench Sex Stool 

Enjoy a solo fuck session, put on a show for your lover, or get pleasured by them from below! The Banging Bench gives you a springy seat to ride on while you fuck a dong or your partner's face. You have complete control of every thrust and grind! This fuck stool is easy to assemble, made of durable materials, and discreetly slides under a bed or into a closet when not in use.

The optional dildo holder pillow is what you need for solo play. Just slide your favourite dildo in and get your ride on. 

Ever dreamed of more energetic positions but your body's not up to it?

All of us had cramps and shaking knees and this is a great solution that leaves both of you orgasmically happy! With these stool, you can take the strain off your thighs and enjoy weightless sex. Bounce up and down on your partner with ease! This Sex Chair can be used as a Queening Stool for facesitting or a king stool for rimming. Discovering new positions and new moves is easy. 

Sex Stool can hold up to 300 lbs as it is constructed with a heavy-duty steel frame, the seat is flexible, easy to clean, and made from high-strength TPU.

The center opening means that you can get closer and go deeper than ever before.  Show your partner how maximum penetration and maximum pleasure look and feel like! It's discreet enough to be considered as a normal chair or stool in your bedroom. Explore new techniques, be creative and do it all with ease!

Options: With or Without inflatable pillow

Dimensions: 19.6*16.9*15.35 inches / 50*43*39 cm


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