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Shower enema system with pipes

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Shower Enema System 

Versatile Choices: Our Shower Enema System with Pipes comes in three distinct models, each designed to cater to your unique preferences and needs. Whether you're seeking a familiar shape, deep cleansing, or gentle stimulation, we've got you covered.

Shower Enema Wand: Precision Cleaning for Ultimate Freshness

1. The Natural Touch/Penis Shaped: Modeled after a penis head, this design offers a realistic feel, ensuring comfort and a touch of intimacy during your cleansing routine. 

Experience a deep and thorough cleanse with our Shower Enema Wand, designed to reach every nook and cranny with ease. Ideal for those who value cleanliness, whether for health, pleasure, or preparation for intimate moments, this wand ensures you feel refreshed and confident.

Effortless Insertion: The Penis's tip is thoughtfully tapered, ensuring a smooth entry, while its design adds a touch of pleasure to your cleansing routine.

Versatile Attachment: Easily attach this nozzle to most shower enema systems. Plus, its detachable design means you can switch it out with any other tip that suits your preference.

Secure Handling: The wand's handle boasts grooved patterns, ensuring a firm grip even when faced with slippery shower conditions like soap, water, and lubricants.

Premium Material: Crafted from sleek, seamless metal, this wand is not only durable but also non-porous, making cleaning a breeze. It's compatible with both silicone and water-based lubricants for a comfortable experience.

Upgraded Shower Enema System: Ultimate Cleanliness with Seamless Integration!

2. Deep Cleanse Stick: Sleek and elongated, the long stick model is crafted for those seeking a thorough and deep cleanse, ensuring you feel refreshed from within.

Features & Benefits:

  • Double Hole Design: The system offers two holes for a deeper cleanse ensuring you have the right tool for your comfort level.
  • Extended Flexibility: The newly extended 5ft (1.5m) metal hose ensures you have ample reach, making your enema sessions more relaxed and hassle-free.

Dive into a world where hygiene meets convenience with the upgraded Shower Enema System. Whether it's a refreshing shower or a thorough cleanse, this system ensures you're always prepared.

Enema Butt System

3. Gentle Stimulation Ball: With a rounded ball at the end, this model not only ensures effective cleansing but also provides a gentle massage, turning your routine into a moment of relaxation. With a 6.5ft (2 m) long hose it will reach your deepest chambers.

Efficient Design: Easily attachable to your shower system, our enema pipes promise a consistent flow of water, ensuring an effective and comfortable cleansing experience.

Premium Quality: Made from body-safe, durable materials, our Shower Enema System is designed for longevity, ensuring countless moments of refreshing cleanliness.

Easy Maintenance: Being waterproof and designed for hygiene, the system is a breeze to clean, ensuring you're always ready for your next session.

Elevate your hygiene routine with the Shower Enema System with Pipes. Whether you're preparing for intimate moments or simply seeking a refreshing cleanse, our versatile models promise efficiency, comfort, and a touch of indulgence. Dive into a world of cleanliness and pleasure, all in one.

Ass Funnel Hollow anal plug 

  • Hose Length: 5ft/1.5 m 
  • Penis Shaped dimensions: 4.92"/12.5cm & 1.18"/3cm; 4.05"/10.3cm & 0.98"/2.5cm 
  • Deep Stick dimensions: 0.78"/2cm
  • Gentle Stimulation Ball: 10"/25cm - 6.5ft/2m
  • Fill your partner up with your favorite liquid
  • The steel can be heated or cooled for temperature play