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Silicone Dilators Catheters

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Silicone dilator catheters are medical devices used to treat urological conditions, but they can also be used for urethral play, a type of BDSM activity that involves inserting objects into the urethra for pleasure or pain. Urethral play can be a risky activity and should only be done with proper preparation, caution, and hygiene practices.

For those interested in incorporating silicone dilator catheters into their BDSM play, it is important to choose a size and shape that is appropriate for their anatomy and experience level. It is also essential to use a sterile catheter and proper lubrication to reduce the risk of infection, injury, or discomfort.

During play, the catheter can be inserted into the urethra, twisted, or moved gently to create different sensations. The catheter can be used alone or with a partner, and the intensity of the experience can be controlled by the depth of insertion or the size of the catheter.

It is important to note that urethral play carries significant risks, including infection, injury, or blockage of the urethra. It is crucial to take proper precautions, such as using sterile equipment, avoiding excessive force or pressure, and stopping immediately if any discomfort or pain occurs.

While silicone dilator catheters are medical devices used to treat urological conditions, they can also be used for urethral play in BDSM. It is essential to choose the appropriate size and shape, use proper lubrication and sterile equipment, and exercise caution during play to reduce the risk of injury, infection, or discomfort.


  • Material: Silicone

  • Size:3 Size, As shown in the picture

  • Weight: 10g

  • Feature: Sex toys for men Masturbation

  • Can be inserted in the bladder to catheterize

  • Intense stimulation and perfect experience for penis

Package includes:

  • 1 x Male Urethral Catheter


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