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Sissy Lingerie Panties for Chastity Cages

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Sissy Lingerie Panties as Chastity Cage holder 


  • Sexy premium quality Lingerie for chastity cage wearers 
  • Stretchable material made out of Nylon Knitted Fabric and laces 
  • Anti Falling straps to secure the cage in place
  • A cock cage harness like no other. 

Imagine wearing perfectly comfortable, sexy, and well-fitting sissy panties that no one will know you're wearing. Chastity panties give you the practical security of a strap-on while also being unbelievably sexy and comfortable. They're perfect for presenting your chastity cage to the world in all its glory.

As a good sissy, you want your chastity device to stay on tight and secure. Unfortunately, they sometimes slide down or detach completely, which causes frustration for the key-holder. A good chastity device is one that locks up a cock and doesn't have any room to get loose - which is why adding a sissy panty is the way to go to keep it tight and locked. 

Our panties comfortably stretch to fit any size or style of chastity cage rings. They have three elastic bands in an easy-to-wear 1” width that won't rub against sensitive skin!

sissy panties chastity



The fufu clip can be bought here. 


Chastity panties are designed to leave your back door exposed. This makes it easy to insert and remove plugs and other toys.

When the sissy panties are paired with a chastity cage, anyone who is a sissy can be locked with security and classiness in mind. 

How to Measure: 

Same as chastity belt, feel free to use our smart calculator: 

Alternatively, take a tape to measure around your waist, just above the hips, where the panties will sit. If you do not have a tape, a leather belt can do the trick - then report to a ruler and measure the circumference. 

How to wear: 

  1. Wear the sissy panties like you would wear an underwear 
  2. Apply some lube at the base of the penis and the base of your cock - where the chastity ring holds it tight. Lube or vaseline are the way to go for a comfortable experience. 
  3. Unsnap the sissy panty straps. 
  4. Put on your chastity cage ring. Tuck the testicles into the ring, fold the head of the penis and push it through down to the ring. 
  5. Starting on one side, slip the strap under the ring, then over and back together to form a loop. Repeat with the other side of the strap.
  6. Connect the bottom strap 
  7. Place the ring, straps and/or panties until they're evenly distributed and sits comfortably 
  8. To ensure your testicles are pulled through the ring, without discomfort, make sure to pull them as far back as possible.
  9. To install the shaft of your cage, follow the usual locking procedure.
  10. Hand the keys to a diligent keyholder 


If you are wearing a very tight ring, adding the straps might cause poor circulation and discomfort. We suggest going for one size larger with a bit of extra space.

If you bought a cage at Oxy-shop, Find a spare ring here: 

Keeping it Clean & Storage: 

It is important to wash lingerie by hand after each use; the process should take about 10 minutes. Use a small bowl or bucket and place it in warm soapy water. Next, scrub out any visible stains with a soft-bristle toothbrush before hanging the lingerie up to dry from a towel bar in a well-ventilated space.

Never put your underwear in the washing machine or dryer, as it could stretch, shrink, rip, or otherwise get damaged. Additionally, colors could fade or bleed onto other clothing if you're not careful.

Panties can be hung from a plastic clothes hanger by either feeding the straps over the bar and snapping them into place, or neatly folding them. 

The road to feminization with oxy - the house of female domination. 

3 Sizes:

S: Fits waist sizes from 27” to 30” / 68cm to 76cm 
M: Fits waist sizes from 31” to 34” / 76cm to 87cm 
L: Fits waist sizes from 35” to 38” / 87cm to 96cm 

2 colors: Pink & Black

sissy panties for chastity cage

sissy panties for chastity cage

sissy panties for chastity cage


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