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Smelly Shoe Fetish - Restraint head Harness

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Forced Shoe Sniffing Head Harness 

Excited by smelling the sneakers of your partner after a gym session? Want to inhale the smell of your domme high heels soles? This forced shoe sniffing head harness is a sweet-smelling addition for your inventory of fetish restraints.

As asneaker bondage lover, imagine strapping this product to your sneaker slave after a long day and getting your hands to work on their bodies while you watch them in their natural humiliated state. Got asticky feet fetish and need a twist for your solo play? Imagine strapping this on and sniffing hands free while your hands fully do the work they are meant to do (Aka jerking off). 

This shoe sniffing head harness is adjustable so that sneakers of all types and sizes can easily be attached to the front part. 

They feature easily-adjustable straps and  buckles to suit head shape and size for comfort and to keep sneakers in place while you get down to action.

Our one size - fits all shoe sniffing head harness is made of high-quality, sturdy, black PU leather.