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★Spare part Curved Ring for NC Serie Cages

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Chastity device - Spare ring

Spare rings of different sizes for NC Hinged Ring cages collection:

NC01 - NC02 - NC03 - NC04 - NC05 - NC06 - NC08 - NC09 Micro - NC09-L - NC10 - NC12  - NC15

Get your Curved rings for the NC oxy shop series here. Numerous sizes to choose from.

Chastity Spare Parts

Spare Curved ring for a chastity device

If you are having a hinged chastity ring and want to replace it? No problem, Oxy is the best shop for spare part for chastity device

Sizes to CHOOSE from:

  • 1.41 inch/36 mm
  • 1.57 inch/40 mm
  • 1.77 inch/45 mm
  • 1.97 inch/50 mm

Please note, price is for one ring of your choice, not for four rings. 

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