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★Spare part - Spare 3D printed Ring - Curved

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This base ring is compatible with Oxy's V1 & V2 Guardian device, Phantom, 3D chastity training ring, and 3D printed Custom Guardian cages.

Chastity Spare Parts

Colors: Black, White, Pink, or Red. 

Rings sizes available:

  • 1.39" / 38mm ring
  • 1.57'' / 40mm ring 
  • 1.81'' / 46mm ring 
  • 1.97'' / 50mm ring 
  • 2.16'' / 55mm ring
  • 2.36" / 60mm ring

This item is made to order and 3D printed. Processing time might vary from 2 days to 8 days depending on orders volume.

Pink, Red & Black are painted, prolonged showering with the device might affect the color. 

We do not take complaints for color loosing on pink and red devices, please judge accordingly. For Long time wear, we suggest white or black.  

How to put on a chastity device