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★Spare Part: Spare Shock Unit Ring For The Guardian & Phantom Chastity

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This is a shock unit ring compatible with 3D printed Guardian and Phantom devices. Compatible with V1 or V2 version. 

It includes a chastity ring + a shock unit + a remote. It does not include the chastity cage tube. 

The shock unit is mounted to the main chastity ring, ready to use. Your gentle balls are resting on metal pins emitting sock impulse controlled from up to 15 meters way by a remote control. 

The curved base rings fit tightly against the pubic bone meaning the vulnerable underside of the scrotum is exposed, sitting on the metal pins with nowhere to hide!

Then shock delivers a short intensive blast, just to remind the submissive who is in charge. A devious invention for erotic pain = No chance of erection, while getting extra punishments via electric shocks.  

Colors: Black, white, pink. 

Chastity Spare Parts

Sizes available + Custom size possible. 

  • 1.49'' / 38mm ring 
  • 1.57'' / 40mm ring 
  • 1.80'' / 46mm ring 
  • 1.96'' / 50mm ring
  • 2.16" / 55mm ring
  • 2.36" / 60mm ring
How to put on a chastity device