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Spiral Anal Plug - Gold coated Stainless Steel

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Spiral Anal Plug with Stopper 

Looking for something a little different in your anal play? Then check out our Steel Spiral Anal Plug! This unique plug is spiral-shaped for easy insertion, and made out of steel for a smooth, slick feeling. Plus, the gold coating adds a touch of luxury. Whether you're new to anal play or an experienced user, this plug is sure to give you a unique and exciting experience!

It gives you the sensation of being drilled as it slips its way home. 

To insert the spiral anal plug  simply lube up the threaded portion of the butt plug, place it gently against the bottom’s anal entry and using the handy cog shaped base slowly twist and guide Bore deeper and deeper into his soon to be gaping bum hole.


Spiral Anal Plug


Material: Stainless Steel 306 + Gold coating / Body safe & premium grade


Full length of 3.85inc or 98mm 

Wide of 1.37inch or 35mm 

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