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Goth nipple Clamps

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Goth Nipple clamps 

A pair of swirly shaped metal nipple clamps with 4 adjustable screws and a detachable silver colour chain hanging between them. 

The nipple clamps can be adjusted with the screws for multiple degrees of pain and pleasure! These clamps are also very suitable for big nippled ladies and men.

Material: stainless steel

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“Honey,  why don't you take a look at the picture message I just sent you,”  Elizabeth said.  She and her husband Derek were out on their weekly date night.  They had just ordered their entrees and were making small talk as the waiter was leaving.  “You the rule, no phones on date night,” Derek replied.  “Oh I think you will want to make an exception for this,” she said with a wink.  Derek grabbed his phone and opened their shared picture app.  A series of pictures popped up of Elizabeth getting ready for the evening. 

First a picture of her in her silk robe putting makeup on, then a picture of her with the robe pulled open and her pert C-cup breast exposed, then a picture with some goth inspired nipple jewelry clamped onto her nipples, then one of her with her bra on, then one of her slipping on a micro g-string barely big enough to cover her pussy, then the final picture of her fully dressed in the sexy little black dress she currently had on. 

As Derek was scrolling through the pictures his cock started to stir in his pant until it was fully hard.  As he set his phone down Elizabeth asked “Like what you saw?” as she placed her bare foot against his hard cock underneath the table.  “Mmmm, yes,” he replied as she started to rub his cock with his foot.  He was having a hard time keeping his face straight as she continued to rub his cock through his pants.  “You're getting me close,” he said through gritted teeth.  Elizabeth smiled at him from across the table and continued to rub his cock with her foot.  Son Derek gripped the table and went rigid as he shot his load, just in time for the waiter to show up with their meal.