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Lockable Steel Wrist or Ankle Shackles - Smooth and Secure

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Lockable Steel Wrist Shackles - Smooth and Secure

To choose Wrist or Ankle Cuffs or Both. 

They are completely unique in design and feature an innovative integrated locking system. The most secure and solid feeling cuffs we've tested! These top-quality wrist & ankle restraints were built to last a lifetime of enjoyment and torment.

Made from fine quality Stainless Steel, no rust & durable materials, those shackles  are supremely strong, yet comfortable, and built to last. The smooth edges make it a classy wear on your plaything. 

Your submissive deserves to be restrained in style with these quality restraints. Made in house and hand polished, these restraints are the perfect addition to any toy chest and can be utilised with a variety of other bondage and restraint gear and clothing. Show your submissive that just as you expect the best from them, they can expect to receive the same from you.

Made of high-quality 304 stainless steel, it is comfortable and secure. All pieces are carefully polished to make each piece smooth and rounded. 



Hand Cuffs: 1.89 inch x 2.28 inch / 4.8 cm x 5.8 cm 

Ankle Cuffs: 2.55 inch x 3.07 inch / 6.5 cm x 7.8 cm


Hand Cuffs: 2.16 inch x 2.55 inch / 5.5 cm x 6.5 cm 

Ankle Cuffs: 2.95 inch x 3.46 inch / 7.5 cm x 8.8 cm

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