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Steel Tunnel Plug with Removable Core

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Removable core - Steel tunnel Anal plug

Let's play doctor and examine partners insides. Steel Tunnel Plug is the device you will need in order for such a maneuver 😉 Plug is a perfect for a temperature play, you can heat it up and cool it down, all up to you. Once Steel tunnel Anal plug is inserted there are two options, either you keep the core and add chains ring weight or even ropes at the end ooor you really want to be a doctor and examine. Remove the core in order to open up desired hole. Now the magic begins, examine insert, tease and play with your partner to fulfill all your fantasies and dreams. We are pretty sure you will enjoy this Tunnel Plug!

Material: Stainless Steel


Total length: 3.25'' / 8.25 cm

Insertable length: 2.75'' / 7 cm

Diameter: 1.35'' / 3.4 cm

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