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Stimulator tickler - Wartenberg Pinwheel

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BDSM play - Stimulation tickler

The Pinwheel, also known as the Wartenburg wheel is a "must have" for anyone into fetish, medical, or sensation play

It was originally designed by Dr Robert Wartenberg to test nerve reactions as it glided across the skin. The pinwheel is a versatile sex toy that can be used in a variety of ways, use it lightly to tickle and stimulate or add more pressure to make your lover squirm. Dragged across the skin, as opposed to rolled across the skin the Wartenburg wheel feels like claws. Used with normal pressure the pinwheel can be very lightly run across the skin for a stimulating tickling sensation. Add more pressure and you can achieve the sensation of light pain, which can be varied with the pressure.

The use of the BDSM play - Wartenberg wheel after a spanking is thrillingly prickly giving a new range of sensations and stimulation! If only Dr Robert Wartenberg knew how deliciously thrilling we would find his simple pinwheel!

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