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The Devil's Tail with a Butt Plug

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Devil's Tail Butt Plug

A butt plug with a sting in its tail! Transform yourself or your partner in the hottest demon in the bedroom with The Devil's Tail with a Butt Plug
Devil Tail is the metal butt plug with a hand braided leather strip whip for a tail! Perfect for roleplay or foreplay which makes this butt plug fun and flirty to use.
If you look closer the leather tail is braided for a better texture, and the butt plug is small for even beginners to use. The plug is perfect for temperature play, opening up a whole new world of excitement. Clean and sterilize it with soap and warm water before and after use, and you're good to go.
The Devil's Tail is super-flexible, so you can use it as a whip + we recommend wearing it as a kinky costume or Halloween party.


High-grade aluminum allow anal plug
Tailwhip of high-quality leather.
Easy to clean and sterilize with mild soap and warm water after use.
Plug size is 3.14 inches/8 cm in length, diameter is 1.37 inches/3.5 cm
Tailwhip approx 3.6 feet/110 cm- varies slightly as hand-tied
Weight: 0.58 pounds/265 grams

The Devil's Tail with a Butt Plug