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The G-spot tickler - Daily use plug

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Hit the right spot every time when you fuck your ass with the G-spot thickler!

Plug it in for daily use and experience G-spot pleasure with every movement of this massager! It has been designed for targeted stimulation thanks to its pointy tip. Push this silicone anal plug up your ass and feel it widening your hole while reaching for your prostate. Use it while jerking off, getting blown by your lover, or even wear it during sex to feel it move inside of you. The shaft is curved to hit your prostate directly. The non-porous material is body-safe and easy to clean with soap and water. This is a durable, pleasureful toy that you'll be using for years and often!

The G-spot tickler - Daily use plug


"I have a gift for you," I'm telling him, pulling out the G-spot tickler and holding it up. At first I can tell he doesn't know what it is, as he raises a brow in confusion. "Get undressed, lie down and legs up," I say. He immediately complies, excitement making his movements clumsy. Finally he's naked in front of me, his cock already rock hard. He sits back on the bed and opens his thighs. I sit myself between them, apply a water-based lube to his asshole with my fingers, and then lube up the toy for good measure. I'm so turned on by his arousal that I want to touch myself. I reach a hand between my legs as I push the toy forward into him. He lets out a barely audible moan that quickly turns into a cry of ecstasy when the tip hits against his prostate. I use the handle to rock the massager back and forth, while he reaches down to stroke his cock. We're both getting ourselves off, watching the toy do its work between his legs. It's not long before we're both cumming.

Material: Body Safe Silicone


Length ; Max diameter:

S 4.13 inches/105 mm ; 1.38 inches/35 mm

M 6.10 inches/155 mm ; 1.97 inches/50 mm

L 7.87 inches/200 mm ; 2.48 inches/63 mm

XL 9.84 inchtes/250 mm ; 3.07 inches/78 mm


S 0.14 lbs/63 gr

M 0.42 lbs/190 gr

L 0.88 lbs/400 gr

XL 1.72 lbs/780 gr

G-spot prostate massager