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"The CorkScrew" - Penis plug | 0.3In wide

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Gold coated Penis plug - "The CorkScrew"

Looking for a unique way to spice up your solo sex life? Look no further than the CorckScrew Penis Plug! This bad boy is designed as a corkscrew, making it perfect for urethral masturbation. It's also 0.3 inches wide in diameter, so you can really enjoy the sensations it provides. Trust us, this is one toy you won't want to be without!

Urethral masturbation is a sexual practice that involves stimulating the urethra for sexual pleasure. Many people enjoy it because it can produce intense sensations and orgasms. It is important to be very careful when stimulating the urethra, as it is a sensitive area and can easily be injured.

Start slow and experiment to find what feels good for you. Remember to use plenty of lubricant and clean any objects that come into contact with your urethra before and after use. We recommend using medical gloves for this practice. 


  • Overall length: 86 mm / 3.38 inch
  • Plug width at widest: 8 mm / 0.19 inch - 0.31 inch
  • Wide of holder: 53mm / 2.08inch
  • Oxy Shop Warranty

 Gold Penis Plug


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