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Thunderbolt Electro Anal Plug (App controlled) - by QIUI

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The Thunderbolt Electo Anal Plug by QIUI, is a revolutionary anal plug designed to deliver electrifying sensations and unforgettable experiences. This cutting-edge pleasure device combines the intimate stimulation of an anal plug with the electrifying power of app-controlled electro shocks.

The Electro plug is meticulously crafted with body-safe materials and features a smooth, tapered shape for easy insertion. Its flared base ensures safe and comfortable play, while the sleek design adds an element of sophistication to your intimate moments. But what sets this one of a kind plug apart is its electrifying capabilities.

Through the accompanying app, you have complete control over the intensity, patterns, and duration of the electro shocks. Whether you're a beginner exploring gentle tingles or an experienced enthusiast craving intense pulses, the Electro plug allows you to customize your pleasure journey to your exact desires.

The app's intuitive interface offers a range of pre-programmed modes, or you can create your own patterns for a truly personalized experience. With the Thunderbolt Electo Anal Plug, you can surrender control to a partner or enjoy the thrill of self-discovery as you explore the realms of electro-stimulation.


* Worldwide control via app with a keyless locking system

*Offline Timer Vibration Electric Shock Anal Plug

*IPX6 Waterproof Grade

*5 Vibration Frequency

*Multiple Shock Modes / Electric Shocks

*Qiui App control

*Offline Timing Function

*Maximum diameter of 36mm, minimum diameter of 15mm, length of 94mm, insertable length of 66mm.

*Charging time: 5-8h

*Ultra silent

Qiui electro e-stim anal plug


With the Thunderbolt Electo Anal Plug it doesn’t matter where you are or what you are doing. With this anal plug, you as the key master have the power to decide when electro shocks have to be emitted. Even if your submissive is in another time zone! In combination with the app for Android and iOS you can simply set up your account and link the Thunderbolt to your user ID.

The app works on both Android and iOS devices, and allows you to keep a log of your progress. You can view the status, location and battery level in the app, so you can keep on top of your progress and submit in the best way! 


Every account has a unique user ID. When your first Thunderbolt is paired to your account the first message you see is if you want to be a wearer or a keymaster. The keymaster controls the shocks and their intensity. You have the ability to change your account setting to wearer or keymaster at any time with the approval of the keymaster.



Fancy sending electroshocks to the cage wearer in order to remind who is in charge? It is now possible!

Control electro stimulation with a simple button on your phone. Possibility to time the shocks and choose the modes.

The shock feature is, light shocks corresponding to the device battery.



What's inside the package?

-Anal plug *1

-Charging cable *1

-User guide *1


-electroplating technology, safe and health silicone is more comfortable to insert,  high strength PC guarantees quality, rust-proof electroplate maintains functions. 

App supported: IOS and android

Shock controlled anal plug by Qiui 


How to use the Electric shock remote anal plug? Here is a full guide - Shock Remote Anal Plug Manual.

Thunderbolt Electro Anal Plug (App controlled) - by QIUI