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TNG Humbler & Ball Stretcher

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TNG Humbler & Ball Stretcher

While using TNG Humbler & Ball Stretcher, pretty much every movement will bring and make you feel intense sensations. According to us, the most interesting way to use TNG Humbler & Ball Stretcher is in a doggy position while penetrating your sub or partner.

How does Ball Stretcher with chains and snap hooks work?

Everything is so simple and fast!

U-hoop goes over your partner's or your balls. For additional fun, you can attach a weight or whatever else you use to play with. Attach TNG Humbler & Ball Stretcher in no time. While the man kneeling on the floor, grasp his balls through his legs. Use the moulded ball-shaped opening of the Ball Stretcher / Ball Clamp device and place them into it.

The balls will be encased pain-free in the hoop and set themselves spherically between the thighs. Because of the hoop of the TNG Humbler & Ball Stretcher, the scrotum will be stretched without any pain. Regulate the length of it, with weight or via the tension.

Congratulations! You've made the balls present themselves now for great fanciful stimulation. At the same time, Freunum is being stretched in an unusual way. Because of this characteristic, the TNG Humbler & Ball Stretcher is a very popular toy for masturbation.

Offering two types:

• TNG Humbler & Ball Stretcher with chains and snap hooks
• TNG Humbler & Ball Stretcher with chains, snap hooks, and a pair of leather foot cuffs


  • Ankle cuffs are made of cowhide leather, premium quality.


  • min. 16 mm = 0.6 inches, max. 35 mm = 1.4 inches diameter.
  • Humbler length approx. 130 mm = 5 inches.
  • Total length 350 mm = 14 inches.
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TNG Humbler