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Ultimate Nipple torture Bundle

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Gone are the toys that just aren't enough! We made the ebay bundle of nipples torture toys to experience various pressures and squeezes. All of this at a reduced price of course!
Simply squeeze the edges of each clamp or screw the bolts to attach it to your partner's nipples, tongue, labia, or wherever your devious mind leads you. 

Where can one find more breast play items?

To find a wider variety of breast play items, you can explore additional options by visiting our Nipple Clamps Collection. We offer an extensive selection of products specifically designed for breast play, providing a range of choices to enhance your pleasure and explore your desires.

>View the Introduction video to the Set presented by Mistress Ezada here.


He's got me tied up in intricate Japanese rope bondage, my tits bulging out and making me look like a blow-up doll. Just as He desires. "you're a pretty little slut, but I have something to make you even prettier." i can hear the chain clinking before i can see it. He dangles all the Nipple Clamps in front of my face, like a hypnotist with a pendulum. But He's already got me under His control. i sigh deeply as He applies each of the clamps, willingly submitting to His sadism. 

The set includes: 

1 x Pair Goth nipple clamps. favored for their exquisite appearance on both men and women. These swirly-shaped metal nipple clamps feature 4 adjustable screws and a detachable silver-colored chain that elegantly connects them, offering a blend of style and functionality in one enticing package

1 x Pair of Nipple stretchers. This nipple protraction device is designed to clamp down on and then gradually stretch out the nipple. Comprising a stainless steel frame supporting a dangling clover clamp, it is designed to grip tighter the further the nipple is stretched. For Hardcore players that one! A real nipple torture own dungeon. 

1 xPair of Ultra powerful magnetic Orbs nipple clamps. When you want a hands-free way to deliver a hard pinch to your sub's nipples, cock, scrotum, or labia, these magnetic orbs are an attractive and powerful change-up from your standard clamps. Place an orb on either side of your desired target and watch the magnets squeeze the skin in a way your sub has never felt before. Elegant and small, they almost look like a piercing!

1 x Pair of Weights nipple clamps: Play a cruel game of endurance with your sub!

Weight Nipple Clamps allows individuals to engage in a thrilling game of endurance with their partner. These versatile clamps offer the opportunity to experiment with various weights, such as sand, stones, water, or coins, to gradually increase the pressure on sensitive areas. Additionally, the clover clamps included in this set are renowned for their ability to deliver a firmer pinch as they are pulled tighter, creating an intense experience for the wearer. Whether attached to nipples, labia, or any other desired area, these clamps offer a unique way to test one's limits and enhance pleasure. How much weight can your plaything handle? This passage encourages exploration and experimentation with weighted nipple clamps, providing an enticing glimpse into the world of sensory play.

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