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Ultra Realistic Skin Breast Forms / All Sizes

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Ultra Realistic Skin Breast Forms / All Sizes

It's not enough to have fake breasts. Sometimes, you need to create a more realistic experience for yourself by purchasing one with a high collar to cover any form of masculinity in the upper part of your body. This breast form has a realistic texture with a soft skin feel. 

Imagine wearing a Cowl-neck gown, Adam's apple covered, nice boobs, a gown that sits pretty on you, confidence and sexy sissy vibe activated!

Ourcrossdressing breasts are made in TPE silicone material for a realistic texture and soft feeling on the skin. The silicone material is oil-free and easy to clean to ensure proper hygiene.

The realistic breast shapes, thin edge design to blend perfectly into your skin and details like the collarbone and simulation of real skin provide a realistic experience.

Made from an elastic durable material which can stretch about 2 times its original size, ourfake breasts for crossdressers are designed to be easy-fitting and to suit most body types.

Thesecrossdresser breasts are available in three colors for you to pick the one that best matches your color shade. They are available in cup sizes B, C, D, E and G to cater to different size preferences.

Important info! Silicone Breast Forms are shipped via DHL/FedEx/UPS so customs fees might apply

Stretchable material 

Cup Size B - C - D

Recommended weight of 50kg-80kg / 110lb - 176lb
Recommended height of 150cm to 180cm / 59inches to 71inches
Circunfernece of 

Cup Size E - F- G 
Recommended weight of 60kg-95kg / 133lb - 210lb
Recommended height of 165cm to 188cm / 65inches to 74inches

Hypoallergenic 100% Food grade TPE Silicone, environmentally friendly, non toxic. 

Since it is made to order, allow 5-15 days for dispatch. 

How to use: 

Clean with lukewarm water and mild soap, then pat gently with towel

Hang and leave to dry in ventilated shade.

Apply a light coat of talcum powder on the body and product before wearing.

Do not pull hard, use nails or dig fingers in when fitting and removing

Keep away from sunlight and sharp objects.

For storage, store in a cool dry place. Do not machine wash. Keep away from sharp objects. 

Might have mould lines - Removable

Colors might slightly differ in reality due to many factors, such as different computer screens. 

Realistic Skin Texture 


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