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UP03 - NO CONTROL Penis Sound

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Penis Sounding Rod - No control Flexible rod

Looking to lose control? Hungry for MORE? Desiring to experience some serious depth? Dying to expand your horizons?

Thanks to its flexible design and its ability to adapt to any anatomical turn, our flexible Prince's Wand Sounding Rod for beginners is particularly suitable for super-deep insertion.

Get past the mild pain you feel during stretching, forget the burning and tingling you may experience at first. Embrace the loss of control. Give in to the feeling of complete and utter surrender.

Penis Sound Flexible rodconsists of approximately 15 cm of carefully crafted medical plastic tubing which we have equipped with two stainless steel caps. The tubing and both caps are equipped with an opening that goes all the way through.

The prince's wand attaches with a grooved penis plug (9 mm in diameter and 40 mm in length), and is additionally secured below the glans with a flexible ring.

Each prince's wand comes with elastic glans rings sized 25 mm =1" and 30 mm = 1.2", which can be freely interchanged. These stretchy rings ensure a tight, secure fit.Enhance your sensation by blindfolding your slave and then gently and slowly insert the Steel Hollow Cum Thru Ribbed Penis Plug with Head Ring into his urethra. Slowly and sensually is the key to the ultimate erotic cock and ball torture. The ribbed plug creates some very unique sensations. Make him experience every small movement of that plug!


  • Medical grade Stainless Steel


  • Urethral plug length: 7.9 inch/ 200 mm
  • Urethral plug diameter: 0.15 inch/ 4 mm
  • Urethral steel tip: 0.51 inch/ 9 mm
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Steel Urethral device


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