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Curved Sounding Rod - Hollow sound

Erotic Pleasure and Sensual Pain combine exquisitely to make this Slim Curved Stainless Steel Hollow Sound with Glans Ring the ultimate new toy for Mistress’s love slave. The effective and sensually tapered penis plug has nubs and ridges all along the length of it to tease and please. A 1.25" ring (or the included 1" ring) goes around the penis behind the head, holding the whole device erotically in place.

Enhance your sensation by blindfolding your slave and then gently and slowly insert the Slim Curved Stainless Steel Hollow Sound with Glans Ring into his urethra. Slowly and sensually is the key to the ultimate erotic cock and ball torture. The ribbed plug creates some very unique sensations. Make him experience every small movement of Curved Sounding Rod! The insertable plug portion is 100mm in length and 8mm in diameter.


  • Medical grade Stainless Steel


  • Insertable length: 3.93 ''/ 100mm
  • Diameter: 0.31''/ 8mm
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Curved Sounding Rod - Hollow sound
Steel Urethral device


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