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A maxi bundle for a variety of experiences in your urethral masturbation! Wanna feel an orgasm from the inside? Start here and stretch your way to larger penis plugs.

Each of those penis plugs can be safely inserted into the opening of the urethra for solo or partner play. The stainless steel used is surgical-grade 316L, body-safe, and doesn’t rust. The silicone used is a flexible body-safe material perfect for beginners. 
Contrary to popular belief, sounding doesn't hurt if done properly. You should never force a sound inside, so if you feel pain or resistance, you should stop and try a smaller sound. 

What do you feel while inserting a plug inside? The best way to describe it is it transfers the sensation of stroking into your urethra. Insert the plugs inside and start jerking off. We guarantee you, we are discovering our body and his pleasures every day.

The set includes items below: 

1 x Rosebud urethral sounding kit of 7 pieces. Each of these sounds is about 12 inches long, but their thickness varies. The 7 piece set starts at 6 mms going to 12 mms. There is 1 mm increment between sounds so you can stretch your urethra gently and slowly. 

1 x Slim slim penis plug. Perfect for beginners, the Slim Sin cock plug is completely hollow, allowing the wearer to both urinate and ejaculate without removing the plug. The ring helps to easily remove the plug from the urethra or give it a few spines inside. 

1 xDa bomb penis plug. A solid penis plug with a safe rounded insertion tip and a body that gradually tapers from 6mm to 10mm in diameter. You can carry it anywhere for some sudden urges of urethral masturbation in between two meetings. Drop da bomb inside your canal and let your orgasm explode! 

1 x Sperm stopper. This toy acts as a plug inside your urethra and helps restrict the flow of fluids to pass through, making you last longer among other new sensations. We won’t say more, just try it. 

1 xSilicone dilator catheter 7.3mm wide. Start slow with a small wide, go wider at the top once you have inserted the all catheter. Made of flexible silicone, it is body safe and can be easily used. 

1 xSilicone dilator 7.5mm wide. Feel the waves of pleasure with this tapered penis plug. The ring allows you to remove it from there nicely. 

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