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V2 - Premium paint - The Phantom

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Premium paint 3D printed Chastity device

"Phantom" is an opulent masterpiece that combines artistry, restraint, and a touch of mystique. Designed for those who appreciate the finer things in life, this exquisite chastity device will transport you to a realm of pleasure and desire like no other.

Crafted with meticulous precision and adorned with a lustrous, premium paint finish, the Phantom is a true work of art. Its 3D printed construction ensures a perfect fit, embracing your most intimate areas with seductive elegance. Prepare to be captivated by its sleek lines and impeccable craftsmanship, knowing that you are adorned with the epitome of sophistication.

As you surrender to its embrace, a world of erotic possibilities opens up before you.

These are the same standard sizes for the Phantom chastity cage but with a NEW Premium color available!

The paint is a body-safe shiny coating, same as in the automotive industry, there is a base coat with the color applied, followed by a clear coat for a glossy coating effect.
It is waterproof, can be used while showering, and won’t chip off like other chastity paint. You want the best, we provide the best.

The Phantom cock cage is made out of Nylon material and it is one of the most comfortable and lightweight we ever made. V2-Premium paint - The Phantom offers sizes of options to choose from. Very solid and sturdy, suitable for long term chastity wear.
It is 3D printed per order and delivered accordingly.

It includes one cage tube, 2 rings + 1 integrated lock ready to use.

Premium paint 3D printed Chastity device

Get sizes recommendations by our anonymous AI or follow the How to measure guide further down.

Premium Paint is waterproof, can be used in hot baths, showers and won't chip off like other chastity paint.

Premium paint 3D printed Chastity device


Measure for the base ring

Measure the circumference around your cock from behind the balls. You can use a fabric tape measure (the kind dressmakers use) to get the measurement, or, if you don’t have one, you can use a piece of string and a ruler. Wrap the tape measure or string around your cock, going behind the balls. The tape should be snug but not tight.

Now you have your circumference you need to divide it by 3.14 to get the diameter. We’ve done some sample calculations below to show you how it works:

In imperial:7 inches ÷ 3.14 = 2.25 inches diameter
6.25 inches ÷ 3.14 = 2 inchesdiameter
5.5 inches ÷ 3.14 = 1.75 inches diameter
4.7 inches ÷ 3.14 = 1.5 inches diameter

Measure for the Cage Tube

Ideally, you want a cage that is just long enough to allow the tip of your penis to come to rest at the end of the cage.

Take a ruler and place it on the underside of your flaccid penis, measuring from tip to base. Do not press the ruler into your scrotum, as this will give you an incorrect measurement. Just allow the ruler to make contact with the skin there. You should be completely flaccid when taking this measurement, but not the “retracted inside the body because it’s cold or scared” type of flaccid. For accurate results, take this measurement several times throughout the day, to find your most common length. When you have found your measurement, deduct a ¼ to a ½ inch off the final results and this will be your ideal length for a cage.


Micro: Total length: 45mm/1.77inch - Internal width 32mm/1.26inch

S: Total length: 60mm/2.36inch - Internal width 36mm/1.42inch

M: Total length: 80mm/3.14inch - Internal width 36mm/1.42inch

L: Total length: 90mm/3.53inch - Internal width 36mm/1.42inch

XL: Total length: 105mm/4.12inch - Internal width 36mm/1.42inch

Rings sizes available:

  • 1.49'' / 38mm ring
  • 1.57'' / 40mm ring
  • 1.77'' / 45mm ring
  • 1.96'' / 50mm ring
  • 2.16" / 55mm ring
  • 2.36" / 60mm ring

Color available: Black/ Pink

Premium paint 3D printed Chastity device
How to put on a chastity device