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Vagina Prosthetic – Penetrable / Custom Color

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Vagina Prosthetic – Custom Color 

If you are looking for a high-quality and affordablevagina prosthetic that replicates a realistic vagina, here is your stop. Thousands of men have chosen the feminization path, and what’s better than feeling like a woman? 

Imagine your domme ordering you to wear the prosthetic, to completely forget your manhood and make it disappear under a layer of blending skin. She tells you to put on your maid dress costume to complete the set and to wait for further orders. She is wearing her pegging dildo, ready to penetrate you by the silicone hole and tease you for stimulation. But you are not getting anything, no release, just frustration. 

Thesevaginas for cross-dressers are made from TPE silicone material which makes them feel realistic, comfortable and soft on the skin. The silicone material allows for proper hygiene as it is oil-free and easy to clean. Ideal for everyday use, they do not fade out from frequent washing.

Ourvagina prosthetics are available in two sizes; small and medium. They come in features that allow for urination and some, sex.

Ourvagina panties are available in three different beautiful colors to cater to different skin shades. They possess an amazing thin edge that perfectly blends into the skin.


Recommended weight of 50kg-75kg / 110lb - 165lb
Recommended height of 150cm to 175cm / 59inches to 69inches


Recommended weight of 60kg-85kg / 133lb - 190lb
Recommended height of 155cm to 180cm / 61inches to 71inches

Hypoallergenic 100% Food grade TPE Silicone, environmentally friendly, non toxic. 

Since it is made to order, allow 4-8 days for dispatch. 

How to use: 

1) Clean in soapy luke warm water

2) dry and Hang in the shade 

3) Apply Talcum powder / baby powder

4) Wear it. 

For storage, store in a cool dry place. Do not machine wash. Keep away from sharp objects. 


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