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Wartenberg Pinwheel - 30 Rows of Pain

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Six Wheels Wartenberg Pinwheel 

Have you seem such a Neo-punk BDSM toy before? 

Live out your fantasies of medical play with an all-time bondage tool favorite - Wartenberg Pinwheel. This Wartenberg wheel has a total of 30 spikey wheels, grouped in fives wheel. This is a precision machine of rotating spurs originally designed for neurological use. Now, it’s a great little toy packed with some interesting reactions.

There is a different sensation/reaction as it glides across tight (pulled) skin or loose skin. The six groups of wheels are joined together with a pivoting handle to maneuver over the bumps and curves. The spurs are pointy and sharp. To ensure the best sensory play, couple this with a blindfold and warm or cool it before use to heighten your senses and increase your sensitivity with every touch.


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30 rows Wartenberg Pinwheel