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Wartenburg Pinwheels Bundle set

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Looking for a BDSM set you can easily pack in a bag and take along with you for playtime?

The mighty Wartenberg Pinwheel can be enjoyed during genital torture, sensation play, electro sex, and medical scenes. You are the one that controls the pressure so the level of pin prick stimulation is up to you. Don’t forget the blindfold to keep them guessing which Wartenburg Wheel and where will you use it next.

The set includes:

1x Finger Roller Wheel - The smooth rolling motion upon your lovers' skin will produce a painful but prickly pleasure that will give them goosebumps. This durable instrument is secure on most fingers due to its two-ring design. 

1x Wartenberg wheel - 5 Rows of Pain -  Why 5 rows? Because we tried it! 5 rows of pins apply pressure evenly, thus providing an exhilarating sensation without damage to the skin.

1x Unreleased 12 rows of Pleasure - Each needle-sharp point on each of this sadistic pinwheel’s wheels will send intense shock waves of pleasurable pain through the central nervous system. 


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