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Welcome to, the leading online retailer for top-quality BDSM and sex toys with a focus on submissive males. Unlike other stores in the market, we pride ourselves on catering to the needs of our male clientele, with a range of affordable Chastity cages, CBT devices, and other erotic tools that are perfect for all types of users.

At, we are committed to quality and safety, and we use only the best materials and production methods to ensure that our stainless steel devices are safe, non-porous, and body-friendly.


Oxy Shop Trustpilot

Very smooth and sleek, the rings I’ve purchased from them were all wonderful!! The customer service is to die for, they really care about their customers and their products really fit the bill. Im very happy with these purchases!! - CarbonLife Form

This came really quick! It’s clearly very well made and it has created lots of happiness for us! I am super happy with this purchase! - AsakoBErn

Wonderful devices!! The craftsmanship is superb and I’m very happy about it! The customer service was wonderful and I really enjoyed my time shopping with them! I can’t wait to collect more of the shibari rings to change up the aesthetics of my performances!- Xyvette

Perfect transaction. Highly recommend this seller.- Joel

I’m finally leaving a review after several sessions of use! When looking to purchase a hook, I made sure to look for a stainless steel composition rated as 316L which can be considered as medical grade stainless steel. I messaged Jett before placing an order from his shop to confirm the composition of the metal he uses - I received a quick reply with his assurance of the quality of his product, which he makes in house. I was happy to place an order thereafter, and I am definitely pleased with the final product.- Nathan

Heavy, well made, and beautiful to look at and use. Shipped in a very timely manner, well packaged and protected. Thank you! - Kayanu

This ring is absolutely gorgeous! I love the design, it allows for a lot of versatility and keeps ropes fairly organized. There are some visible weld lines but that’s not an issue to me, the ring is strong and hefty in the hand without being difficult to manage.Shipping was extremely fast and the ring very nicely came in its own carrying pouch so I couldn’t be happier with it. It gets a lot of compliments every time I pull it out of my kit.-  Hilarry Huey

These days it’s hard to find businesses that are committed to customer service, and I want to thank you for your professionalism, courtesy, and stunning craftsmanship. You've got a return customer in me. - Chris

I just wanted to say how pleased I am with the service and quality of your business. I ordered through a different business online, and they were simply pathetic! So I came crawling back. Thanks for your excellent, honest service and prompt delivery. - Anonymous 

I am more than just a satisfied customer - I am an enthusiastic, lifetime customer! I’ve done the math, and no store (retail or web) compares to the quality and price of your devices. Mistress Xena

I have never dealt with a company that really seemed to be concerned so much with customer satisfaction. The toys are beautiful and I’m sure that as soon as I can I will order more. It was very hard to chose because you have beautiful pieces. Thanks again - John & Lena

Just wanted to let you know (as this is my first order from your company), I received the order and was completely pleased! Actually, it is nothing short of HOT! Keep up the good work. Thank you. - Anonymous 

you guys are the BEST!!! i still cant get over the great customer service you provide in today’s time where is seems a lot of service is still, ’what ever........’ you have helped me out on several orders that i needed to make and adjustment to...again, you're head and shoulders above the rest!! - Ronald

Oxy sets a high standard for CUSTOMER SERVICE and ccontinues to exceed it- Chris

Hi Jett, I received my box of Joy and I am soo impressed! I loved the chastity devices box that came with it and the goodies made it so much more personal! I really enjoyed the whole ordering experience and the easy going feed back. Thank you!  - Serge 

Great company, Great products This is my third order with Oxy Shop. The service is always fast and accurate, with plenty of e-mails letting me know what’s going on with my order. I always appreciate that. The product it’s self is as described, and to me well made. - Anonymous 

just received my order and wanted to tell you how pleased I am! The devices were exactly as advertised, well-packaged, and beautiful. I am already enjoying it hehe. I will definitely order from you again, and I will highly recommend you to anyone I know who is looking for quality BDSM gear. A new satisfied customer - Johnny

INCREDIBLY responsive,e fair, friendly and funny customer service. The best stop for all my pain toys collection, hats down - Will

Purchased a suspension ring and ridiculously excited to try it out- So versatile, so organised and so...well made! Shameless plug to Oxy because i am impressed.  Mini Bunny