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Need something to feed your kinky curiosity and thirst? Not sure where to start or what is what? 

OXY has covered various topics to bring you the best guides based on the kink of your choice. With information on everything covering from reasons you should try to after care, our guides cover essential safety tips and techniques to ensure that you’re always on top form. They’ll even assist you in choosing a product that’s right for you. So, have no fear, we’re always on hand to guide you in the right direction and help you get a kinky clue about your chosen activity. Easy to follow, they condense all of the information needed into a brief yet detailed manual, which ensures that you’re always well prepared. Browse our essential guides today and read your way to supreme satisfaction!

So You Think You Have The Balls For A Bit Of Cock And Ball Torture? Read Our Essential Guide To Cbt Now. 
Slaves not only take masochistic pleasure from the sweet torment inflicted by their Dominant, but they also feel wildly stimulated when seeing the sadistically happy look on their Dominant’s face.

For those who find pleasure in pain, the fact that the cock and balls are the most sensitive parts of the body just makes the torture all the more gratifying. With such a wide range of tools now available, CBT can also be enjoyed alone.

CBT Board Illustration

Want to know what it’s like to keep your crown jewels locked up in a chastity cage? You’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re doing the locking up yourself or handing the keys over to your dom, male chastity builds up sexual tension, leading to intense sexual gratification, fun foreplay and an explosive orgasm once your bird has been freed from its cage.

cock cage Illustration

Ball stretching comes with many benefits that you may not know about. When worn, a ball stretcher pulls the balls away from the body, making your groin area more attractive with your low hanging fruits. By preventing your balls from retracting upwards, ball stretchers give you greater endurance in bed and can treat testicular retraction when worn for prolonged periods of time.

ball stretching Illustration

A cock ring or penis ring isn’t just body jewellery, but it also enhances your sexual performance. Worn around the base of the penis, the cock ring restricts blood flow to the shaft of an erect penis, helping men maintain a stronger erection.

Rock out with your cock out and put a ring on it for prolonged pleasure, superior stimulation, greater girth or sadistic satisfaction. It’s about time you showed your penis some love.

Cock ring Illustration

Designed to be worn just under the head of the penis when erect, the glans ring stimulates the frenulum of your penis to enhance sensitivity and arousal. Not only does it make your manhood look bigger and sexier, but it also delivers a gratifying grip that keeps you rock hard and ready for action. If you’re playing in a pair, the glans ring will provide your partner with additional stimulation.

glans ring Illustration

Curious what it’d feel like to stimulate the inside and outside of your penis at the same time? Try urethral sounds and penis plugs, which can be an exciting experience when done properly.

Penis Plug Illustration