Oxy Shop™: Lifestyle brand for BDSM Gear & Chastity Devices

Your #1 BDSM Shop - Oxy shop

Oxy-shop is an online BDSM store like no other. The offer mostly caters to submissive males, sissies, cuckolds and male bdsm gears overall. From light bondage to the most extreme Chastity devices, you can find all you need at a very affordable cost considering industry standards. 

Today, what began as a small mail order office has grown into the kinkiest bdsm items site delivering worldwide. 

A variety of BDSM devices & items

Oxy bdsm shop understands male sub needs by several collaborations with users and professionals. Mistresses advertising and testing oxy gears is a sign of trust and involvement in the path of erotic pain and upgrated humilitiaon tools. 

Over the years, Oxy shop developed a range of bdsm devices that caters to every kinky requirement for sub & doms to live up their desires to the fullest. 

All the stainless steel toys are manufactured in-house with a distinct attention to quality and usability. The atelier uses only Stainless Steel 316L which is surgical grade, non porous and body safe for any kind of use. 

Every now and then, Oxy releases new unique bdsm items and concepts for the greatest satisfaction of their following. 


Not only BDSM shopping, a bdsm blog

The bdsm blog is written by friends and community members living up their kinks to the fullest or just experimenting. The site features a variety of informative and useful guides, which not only offer inspiration and encourage folks to expand their sexual horizons, they also provide important information about how to play safely and reach goals. 

Every month, a part of a BDSM serial and written exclusively for the site, is published via the name “the abduction company”. Other stories & testimonials about submissive, cuckold or sissy lifestyles add up the content shared with the followers. 

BDSM toys for sale + BDSM services = Oxy

Not only an adult toys provider, Oxy also offers services, ranging from chastity to submissive and humiliation tasks. Mistress Elena is individually  taking care of this part with a personal approach to each client. Solo or with a dom, members have been using the service for months to enhance  their sexual or psychological needs. 

Oxy is the first BDSM online store providing a monthly surprise subscription box for male subs or their Doms willing to find out the most devious devices. Tailor made service, All items are discreetly packaged and chosen with an attentive approach to all comfort levels and a variety of kinks. 

If you identify with one of the above and Oxy shop makes you curious, it will be your number one choice when it comes to the world of BDSM toys for sale. Reliable and trusted, Oxy will make sure your order  reaches you safely!