The Adventures of Tim and Laura: Hypno Mistress - Oxy-shop

Intro to new series:

This will be a collection of erotic short stories about a couple named Tim and Laura and their adventures into exploring the world of BDSM and kinky play. There is no definitive timeline associated with them, as in some may be more vanilla and tame from when they were first getting into BDSM play while others may involve a deeper journey into BDSM with group sex and kinkier scenes. These stories will involve Mistress/slave role play, Master/slave role play, male and female chastity, and pegging from a couple that does BDSM casually and not hardcore or as a life style. Hopefully these stories will inspire those just getting into BDSM and testing the waters. I would also hope that these stories would give some newcomers or inexperienced readers that stumble across the Oxy blog and the Oxy-shop website some ideas as to what to do with those shiny new toys they just ordered.


Laura was trying to think of some new ideas to use in her Mistress Laura bedroom play time but coming up empty.  She just couldn’t think of any new things to try and she knew that Tim would enjoy her being a little more aggressive and assertive in her role as Mistress.  She decided to get on the internet and look up chastity play ideas and Mistress/slave scenarios.  While searching through a couple of forums and blogs she kept seeing that hypnosis videos seemed to be a popular theme.  After doing a little more research on them she found a link to a website that would walk you through making your own hypnosis video.  Most people seemed to like to use them to make their slaves more submissive or to mentally desensitize parts of their bodies for prolonged play and pleasure until a trigger word was used to release them.  Laura wondered if she could put together a video for herself that would make her more aggressive as a Mistress, block out her insecurities during play time and unlock some of her sexual prowess.  

After a few days of research, to make sure that it was safe to hypnotize herself, she decided to make herself a video.  The website was relatively easy to use.  It put together the graphics, music, and main script of the video and you just had to enter in a list of the ideas or things that you wanted to accomplish.  She put in: Whenever I am referred to as “Mistress or Mistress Laura” I will feel empowered and sexually charged, I will use my Slave for my own pleasure, expand on Slave’s ideas for chastity play and pegging, be able to use Slave’s fantasies to the fullest extent of my pleasure.  Laura sat back and reviewed the list and then on a whim decided to add a few more items: Feel more powerful and commanding while wearing my girl cock, get sexual pleasure from using girl cock on Slave, be able to orgasm from using girl cock on Slave.  “If I am going to hypnotize myself, I might as well make it even more pleasurable for me!” she thought.  Once the video was done processing the instructions said to watch the video in a dark room with headphones on and that it should be watched at least once but preferably two to three times a day for 5 days for maximum effectiveness.    


Laura  grabbed her headphones and the laptop and went back into the bedroom to watch the video.  She made sure to close the curtains, turn off the lights and shut the door to insure that the room was darkened.  She popped her head phones in and started the video.  Short instructions flashed at the beginning of the video: Clear your mind, relax, focus on the images, words, and music.  The video lasted about 10 minutes and at the end Laura didn’t really feel any different, other than she was slightly aroused, which she just attributed to the nature of the content of the video.  “This is probably a waste of time”, she thought, “but I will watch it a few times a day for five days, what do I have to lose?” Seeing it was Monday she figured she could test it out on Friday night and see if it had any effect on her.


As the week went on, Laura continued to watch her video at least twice a day.  By day three she still didn’t really feel anything different other than she was getting more aroused every time she watched it and whenever she would think about her girl cock. She also seemed to have a stronger desire to use her girl cock.  She hadn’t mentioned anything about the hypnosis video to Tim, she didn’t want to get his hopes up incase it didn’t work and, in case it did work, she wanted to catch him completely off guard. She figured the only reason she was more aroused was because she was watching a sexually oriented video 2-3 times a day.  By Friday, Laura was flat out horny after watching the video every time that day and had the strongest urge ever to slip her girl cock on and use it on her Slave. 


 “I really hope Tim wants to play tonight!”, she thought to herself, “because I sure am horny!”


Almost as if on cue Laura’s phone went off with a text alert from Tim. The message read:

 Would you like to play tonight? I would love for Mistress Laura to lock me up and have me pleasure her ;) 


As soon as she read the Mistress Laura part it was like a jolt of electricity shot through her and she quickly sent back a text without even stopping to think about it. When she reread her text message she was surprised by how direct and commanding it was. Her reply was:

I want you to get off of work as soon as possible, come home, lock your cock up, and eat my pussy until I tell you you can stop.


“Geez, I just must be really horny!”, she thought.


A few hours later, Tim got home and immediately went into the bedroom to lock his cock up as instructed. When he walked out of the master bathroom Mistress Laura was standing there in her tall black high heel boots, a corset that left her breasts exposed for play, a tiny black g-string that barely covered her shaved pussy, and black fishnet stockings. She was waiting for him menacingly holding her riding crop in one hand and tapping it on the side of her boot. 


“Well this is new”, thought Tim. “My cock is all locked up as instructed Mistress” he said. 


Again, at being called Mistress, Laura had a thrilling and powerful sensation run through her body. 


“Get over here Slave and let me inspect your locked up cock,” ordered Mistress Laura.


 Tim obligingly walked over and stood in front of her with his hands behind his back so she could inspect the cage. Mistress Laura squatted down and fondled his balls while looking the cage over. 


“Hmmmmm,” she said, “It appears as if this cage has a little growth room in it for your cock, we are going to have to fix that! I will have to order you a smaller cage since it appears your dick is too small for this one.” 


To emphasize her point she swatted Tim on the ass with her crop making him jump. She then walked over to the bed and laid down with her legs spread wide. 


“To make up for your improperly sized cage you better do a good job eating me out!” 


“Yes Mistress Laura” responded Tim, wondering what had gotten into his wife. He quickly crawled between Mistress Laura’s legs, slide her g-string off and started to lick and suck on her hot little pussy. As he tasted her sweet nectar and savored the flavor of her pussy his cock stirred between his legs fully filling any free space in the cage. Alternating between gently flicking his tongue over her clit and sucking hard on her pussy quickly had Laura close to climaxing. As she neared the edge of orgasm, she reached down and grabbed Tim’s head and ground her pussy into his mouth enjoying wave after wave of pleasure as she orgasmed. As her first orgasm subsided her Slave diligently stayed put and continued to gently lick and suck on her pussy. Enjoying the sensations she decided it was time to ask her slave a few questions.


“Slave, do you still have a fantasy about cumming while locked in your cage?”, she asked.


“Yes Mistress,” he replied.


“Good,” she purred, enjoying the attention her pussy was getting. “This weekend we will make that fantasy a reality. I am leaving your cock locked up until you can learn to cum in your cage. Now, stop licking my pussy and get up on the bed and lay on your back,” she commanded.


Laura hopped off the bed and Tim took her place laying on his back in the middle of the bed. Mistress Laura tied his hands and ankles securely to the headboard and footboard before pulling out a vibrating butt plug and sliding  it up Tim’s ass before turning it on. She then fondled her slaves balls while watching his caged dick jump occasionally from the vibrations in his ass. 


“Ah yes, we need to do something about that cage. Don't go anywhere,” she said teasingly as she abruptly turned and walked out of the room.


“What is going on,” Tim thought to himself as he tested his restraints. Mistress Laura had certainly tied him up tighter than normal. “She sure is being a bit more aggressive than normal, but it is pretty hot. Plus her dirty talk has gotten more convincing,  threatening to leave me locked until I can cum in my cage. And where did she go? How long is she leaving me like this?” he wondered. The vibrator in his ass certainly was doing a good job of stimulating him and making his cage feel plenty small. 


“Wow,” thought Laura as she sat down at the computer. “That hypnosis video must have done something because I feel so much more powerful and in control than I ever have before playing the part of Mistress Laura. Now let's get a smaller cage ordered.” She typed Smallest chastity cage into the Google search bar and quickly scrolled through the results until she found one that was only an inch and a half long and could be delivered by tomorrow morning. “Perfect,” she thought to herself as she submitted the order.


She then walked back to the bedroom and paused in the doorway watching her slave squirm on the bed as the sensations from the vibrator made his cock jump and bounce. Seeing that his eyes were shut and he was clearly enjoying the vibrations, she decided to quietly sneak into the closet and slip on her harness and girl cock. As she snugged up the straps she started to feel a tingling in her pussy. Wearing her girl cock always made her super wet but this was different. “Oh yeah, I put on the video that I wanted my girl cock to give me more sexual pleasure” she remembered, “This should be interesting”.


She walked out of the closet and over to the bed with her big girl cock swinging in front of her. She could feel herself getting wetter and hornier and was filled with desire to have her slave lick and suck on her member.


“How are you enjoying yourself slave?”, she asked. While eyeing his locked cock. Not waiting for an answer she said “Looks like I got your cock leaking a little bit but definitely no cum yet. I ordered you a smaller cage, it should be here tomorrow morning. Let's see if you can last that long.,” she stated as she untied him from the bed.


“Get on your knees in front of me, I want you to suck my big hard girl cock!” Mistress Laura commanded.


Tim quickly obeyed and soon had his mouth full of Mistress Laura’s girl cock. 


“Mmmmm, you like that big girl cock in your mouth, don't you?” asked Mistress Laura as she pulls out of his mouth. 


“Mmmmm, yes ma'am,” is all Tim can reply before his Mistress thrusts her cock back in.


“Oh yeah, I like watching you lick and suck on my big girl cock. It gets me so wet” Mistress Laura said as she is enjoying the newfound sensations she is feeling thanks to the hypnosis video. Watching her Slave lick and suck on her cock, it almost felt the same as having her pussy licked and sucked. She was enjoying the sensations so much that she was nearly dripping wet and getting close to orgasming. She reached down and grabbed her Slave’s head and starts to thrust her girl cock in and out of his mouth bucking her hips to another orgasm while moaning out loud.


“Mmmmm, that was good. I see why you enjoy blow jobs so much Slave! Now, let me see that cock of yours,” she commands. “Still no cum yet, but you do look very excited. Guess I better fuck you with my girl cock and see if that gets any cum out of those nice full balls! Get on you hands and knees while I get some lube,” she commands.


Tim gets down on all fours as instructed even more perplexed than before. “Did she really orgasm just from me sucking on the strap on?”, he wondered to himself.


Mistress Laura came back out with the lube, drizzled some on her girl cock, and started to rub it up and down it enjoying the new sensations that she was feeling. “It almost feels as if I am rubbing lube on myself,” she thought. She then pulled the plug from her Slave's ass, squirted some more lube on his ass and lined the head of her girl cock up before slowly easing the head of it into him. She paused for a second once the head popped in to give her slave time to adjust to her girth before slowly pushing in her entire length. As she feels the pressure on her pelvis from the strap on and watches her cock slowly sink into his ass it feels almost as if she is getting penetrated as well. As she slides fully balls deep into her Slave’s ass, they both let out a moan at almost the same time. 


“Oh, you like my big girl cock filling you up, don't you?” Laura asks as she starts to slowly work her girl cock in and out of his ass. 


“Mmmmmm, yes Mistress. I love you big cock filling up my ass.” 


“I bet that cage is feeling awfully tight now!”


“Yes ma’am”


“Do you want me to fuck your ass harder?” she asks while slowly sliding the entire length of her girl cock in and out of his ass.


“Yes Mistress Laura”


“Yes what?”


“Yes I want you to fuck my ass hard with your big girl cock!”


With that Laura pulled her girl cock out until just the head was still in and then slammed her full length back in. She then grabbed onto her Slaves hips and started thrusting her big cock in and out of his ass as hard and fast as she could, slapping her pelvis against Tim’s ass with each thrust. Both Laura and Tim were moaning in pleasure over the sound of their bodies slapping together. As Mistress Laura pounded her slaves ass she could feel her pussy getting so wet that it was starting to drip down her legs. Thrusting in and out of his ass felt very similar to having her pussy fucked. She was getting close to another orgasm again and was determined to fuck her slave's ass until she did. 


Tim could feel a difference in the way that his Mistress was pounding him. She was doing it for her pleasure and not his. She was fucking him relentlessly and moaning as if she were the one getting fucked. He was thoroughly enjoying it and hearing her moans over top of his just made the whole experience even more erotic. As her girl cock thrust in and out of him he could feel waves of pleasure emanating from his ass to his caged cock making it swell and pulse against its metal enclosure. The force of her fucking him made his cock cage bounce and swing under him also adding to the pleasure. He could feel the build up getting right on the edge of cumming but just could quite get there.  Instead, all his cock could do was dribble and leak out precum. He felt Mistress Laura lean into him and shudder as she orgasmed for the third time that evening then felt her swiftly pull out of him.


“Let's see if you were able to cum from that good pounding,” Mistress Laura said as she massaged his full balls and caressed his caged cock. “Hmm, there seems to be a lot of precum that has leaked and dribbled out but no real cum,” she said as she seductively licked some precum off of her finger and sucked it clean.  “Get back up on the bed and lie on your back,” she instructed. 


Tim quickly obeyed Mistress Laura’s command and shortly had his hands and ankles tightly secured to the headboard and footboard again. As Mistress Laura double checked his hand restraints she made sure to dangle her breasts and nipples in front of her slaves face but just out of reach of his hungry mouth to tease him even more. 


“Hmmmmm, what to do, what to do,” Mistress Laura said teasingly while seductively running her hands over Tim’s chest and stomach. “I could take your cage off and empty those big balls, but wait, it has always been my Slaves fantasy to cum in his cage, so that won't do will it? You still want to cum in your cage don't you Slave?”


“Yes Mistress”


“Good because that wasn't really a question”, she said with a smirk. “I know what to do!,” she suddenly exclaimed while pulling out the magic wand vibrator. She turned the vibrator on low and touched it to her slaves cock cage, his cock jumped in response. “You are sensitive aren't you? Make sure you tell me when you feel you are getting close to cumming”, she said as she fondled his balls and pressed the vibrator harder against his cage.


“Mmmmmmm, yes Mistress,” responded Tim, enjoying the vibrations he was feeling through his cage. His cock was straining against its metal enclosure. He could feel he was getting close to cumming as Mistress Laura worked the vibrator along his cage under his balls. “Mmmmmm, Mistress, I think I am getting close” Tim informed her


“Excellent,” Mistress Laura replied as she clicked off the vibrator. 


Tim’s eyes snapped open. “I was so close to cumming! Why did you stop?”


“I stopped because you are here for my pleasure Slave! I get to decide when, where, and how you cum. If you talk back to me again I will have to punish you.” 


Tim was a little taken aback by her response and all he could do was mumble a “Yes ma’am” in response. 


Mistress Laura started to untie him while telling him how the change in her demeanor had come about and how the rest of the weekend was going to play out. “I knew my hot little Slave wanted his Mistress to be more controlling and commanding, so I did some research on the matter and was able to put together a hypnosis video to shed some of my inhibitions and to fully use my Slave for my pleasure and play out these little fantasies of yours to the fullest extent. I hope you like it because I love it!”

“Now, since you didn't cum in your cage tonight,” she said with a laugh, “you are just going to have to sleep in that cage tonight. In fact, that cage is not coming off until you learn to cum in it! For your sake, hopefully you are a quick learner,” she said with a wink. “Sweet dreams! Love you. Oh, and you will sleep in nothing but your cage tonight and I will be sleeping naked”.


With that Laura got ready for bed and went to sleep. Leaving Tim to contemplate his situation. “Damn, careful what you wish for”, thought Tim as he lay there in the dark. His cock still straining in its cage and his balls feeling heavy and a little sore from all the stimulation without release. He finally fell asleep but slept restlessly with dreams of his Mistress using him for her pleasure and never unlocking him to let him cum. 


He was awakened in the morning by Laura fondling his balls and caged cock. 


“Looks like this stayed put last night,” she said with a wink. She then rolled on her back and threw the covers off of her naked body. “I want you to lick and kiss all over my body and pleasure me with your tongue before going out to the kitchen and cooking me breakfast”, she stated. 


Tim quickly rolled over and started to kiss her neck, working his way down to her breasts and nipples where he spent a considerable amount of time licking and sucking on each nipple, lightly biting her nipples and rolling them between his teeth and tongue. 


“Mmmmmm,” Laura moaned getting more and more turned on by the nipple play. She could feel her pussy getting wet and was ready for a good tongue lashing. 


Tim worked his way down to her wet pussy and eagerly went to work licking and sucking on her sweet, wet box as he continued to squeeze and roll her nipples between his fingers. Laura was quickly bucking her hips and grinding her pussy into his mouth. As she neared climax she grabbed his head and held him tight to her sex as she went over the edge, shuddering and squirming as wave after wave of pleasure hit her. 


“Mmmmmm, that was good,” she said after she had recovered. “Keeping you locked definitely makes you a more eager pussy eater. I didn't even know that was possible! If you aren't careful I might just never take that cage off,” she said with a wink. “Now how about that breakfast?”, she asked as she gave Tim’s ass a playful swat as he got off the bed.


Tim got dressed and went out to the kitchen to start making them breakfast while Laura hopped in the shower. As Tim cooked up some bacon, eggs, and hash browns for breakfast he mused over the situation he seemed to have gotten himself into. At least the cooking was taking his mind off how horny he was, that was until Laura came into the kitchen after finishing with her shower. She was wearing a tight fitting tank top that left little to the imagination and short little shorts that showed off the bottom of her cute little butt cheeks. As she poured herself a cup of coffee she was sure to wiggle her ass at him and rub it up against him every time she had to move past him.


“Thanks for breakfast babe, I hope your cage isn't feeling too tight this morning,” she said teasingly as they were finishing up. “Go get in the shower and get cleaned up. I have a busy morning planned for my Slave.” She told Tim with a swat on his butt.


“Yes ma’am” he responded.


While Tim was in the shower Laura checked the front porch for her order, sure enough it was already here. She opened the package and marveled at how small the new cage was. “This will be interesting, he will barely even be able to grow in this thing.”, she thought to herself. She then proceeded back to the master bedroom to get dressed for the morning's activities.  She went into the master closet and picked out a small white button up shirt, a short gray skirt that barely covered her ass, white stockings, g-string, and heels. She got dressed, making sure the top 3 buttons on the shirt were undone to show off her breasts and tied the bottom of the shirt back to show off her midriff. She then seductively laid out on the bed to wait for her slave to finish his shower. He soon reappeared out of the master bath. Judging by his reaction, her outfit had the desired effect on her slave.


“Come over here,” she said patting the bed next to her. He came over and sat next to her as instructed. She started to passionately kiss him. Tim eagerly kissed her back, their tongues snaked in and out of each other's mouths as Tim’s hands roamed Laura’s body, grabbing and squeezing her ass, breasts and nipples. Soon Laura had Tim straddled and pushed back onto the bed. 


“Mmmmm, I bet you wish your cock was out of its cage don’t you?,” she asked between kisses as she ground her pussy against his cock cage.


“Yes Mistress, I would love to feel your hot pussy rubbing against my hard cock” Tim replied.


Laura leaned forward and dangled her breasts in front of Tim’s mouth, letting him lick and suck on her nipples as she started to secure his hands to the head board.  Once his hands were secure she leaned down and gave him one last passionate kiss before rolling off of him.


“I suppose I could unlock that cock of yours and let it out to play for a little bit,” she said as she inserted the key into the lock. She quickly undid the lock and pulled the cage off of Tim’s cock, watching it quickly grow to full size. She wrapped her lips around the tip and slowly slid it into her mouth until it touched the back of her throat. She then started to slowly slide her mouth up and down his cock.


“Mmmmmmm,” moaned Tim. His cock was overly sensitive due to all the stimulation from the previous evening. He knew he wouldn't last long if his Mistress kept this up. Laura could tell by his body language that he was getting close. She abruptly stopped sucking on her slaves cock, turned around and straddled his face.


“You didn't think I was going to let you cum that easy did you Slave?”, she asked. “Now eat my pussy to keep your mind off of cumming,” she commanded as she lowered her wet pussy onto Tim’s face. As her Slave licked and sucked on her pussy, she watched his cock strain and jump as if begging for attention. She wrapped her thumb and middle finger around the tip of his cock tightly and slowly slid her fingers down to the base of his cock, holding her fingers there until his cock stopped jumping. Then she did it again and again and again. With the enthusiasm that her slave was eating her pussy, this was obviously driving him wild but she knew it wouldn't let him cum. Once she grew bored of teasing his cock she grabbed an ice pack she had hidden under the sheets and wrapped it around his cock. She felt Tim jump under her at the sudden change in sensations. 


“Don't worry Slave, I am just icing your cock down to fit it into its tiny new cage. I told you, you weren't cumming unless it was while wearing your cage. Maybe this new one will help with that. It's about half as big as your previous once, I'm not even sure if you will be able to get hard at all in this one.” She said with a laugh. Once the ice had done it's trick, she slide the new cage onto the base ring and locked it in place. “Ooh, that's much better, no wiggle room at all! What do you think?”, she asked as she rolled off of Tim’s chest and face so he could get a look at her handy work. 


“It’s definitely smaller Mistress,” he replied. “I will wear whatever pleases you.”


Mistress Laura got a slight thrill from that answer. “That's right you will do whatever pleases me, my hot little sex Slave. Now let's test out that new cage. She grabbed the magic wand vibrator, which was still plugged in from last night, switched it on and pressed it again his cage. Tim instantly started moaning. Mistress Laura watched as his cock swelled and pressed against the cage but with little to no room to grow, stayed put. 


After a few minutes of vibrating him she was pleased with her new purchase. “It appears this new cage still let's you feel pleasure but doesn't allow growth, exactly what I wanted. Does it feel small and tight?”


“Yes Mistress”


“Good, now let's see if we can get you to cum in it shall we? Get in the doggy style position, I am going to get my girl cock on and fuck that cum out of you.”, she said as she released his hands.


Tim got up on his hands and knees and waited for his Mistress to return with her big girl cock on. “I am so pent up and horny” he thought, “I am going to cum for sure!”


Mistress Laura came out of the closet and walked seductively over to her slave, Tim’s cock twitched at the sight of her sexy body with a big girl cock poking out from under her skirt and swinging between her legs as she walked. Once Mistress Laura got over to her slave she gave him a couple of good firm spankings as she drizzled lube all over her cock and his ass. She then lined the head of her cock up with her slave's ass hole and quickly thrust it in. Her slave's ass accepted her cock with little resistance, still loosened from the previous night's activities. Her slave moaned in pleasure as she sank her cock all the way in.


“You like that, don't you, you little slut!”


“Yes Mistress, I love it!”


Mistress Laura didn't waste any time, she quickly started to thrust in and out of his ass, her pelvis slapping his ass with each thrust. “Do you want me to fuck the cum out of you?”


“Ooooh, yes Mistress fuck the cum out of me!” cried Tim, enjoying the pounding he was getting and feeling like he was getting close to cumming.


Mistress Laura pounded him relentlessly for 10 minutes before starting to tire. “Slave, are you going to cum?”


“I am really close Mistress, I just need to get over the edge.”


“Perhaps I can help with that.” She replied and then quickly pulled out of him. Tim could hear her fumbling with something behind him and thought she was probably getting the vibrator. Then he felt the tip of her girl cock pressing against his ass again. Except something was a little different, the tip felt larger. As Mistress Laura slowly pressed into him, he could feel his ass being stretched more than before. Not enough to make it painful but just enough to feel a difference. As the new cock slowly slide into him he could feel it putting more pressure on his prostate from every ripple on it sliding in, making his cock strain harder on his cage and intensifying the feeling that he was going to cum. Once his Mistress had it fully in his ass and had her pelvis resting against him she asked “What do you think of my bigger girl cock?”


“Mmmmmm,” he replied, “I want you to fuck me with it”


She slowly started to slide it on and out of his ass, watching it pull and stretch him was turning her on more than she thought it would.


“Mmmmmm, that feels good. I need to cum Mistress!” exclaimed her slave.


Mistress Laura started to work her cock in and out of her slaves ass faster and faster until she was pounding his ass at a lightning pace. Her slave was moaning uncontrollably meeting her every thrust. Tim could feel he was getting closer and closer to cumming, his cock was leaking precum all over when suddenly he felt himself go over the edge. His legs started to shake as one of the biggest orgasms he had ever had hit him. He could feel wave after wave of pleasure emanating from his ass to the tip of his cock as he started to spurt load after load of cum out of his cock. Mistress Laura kept pounding him until he was done cumming and couldn't take any more.


“Wow, that was intense!” Laura said as they were cleaning up afterword. 


“You have no idea,” replied Tim.  “This play time was pretty fun but maybe no more hypnosis videos huh? And could you take this cage off? I would like to make love to my hot, sexy, beautiful wife if you don't mind.”


“I agree, and I would love to feel your strong arms around me and hard cock in me,” Laura replied as she unlocked Tim’s cage.