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This will be a collection of erotic short stories about a couple named Tim and Laura and their adventures into exploring the world of BDSM and kinky play. There is no definitive timeline associated with them, as in some may be more vanilla and tame from when they were first getting into BDSM play while others may involve a deeper journey into BDSM with group sex and kinkier scenes. These stories will involve Mistress/slave role play, Master/slave role play, male and female chastity, and pegging from a couple that does BDSM casually and not hardcore or as a life style. Hopefully these stories will inspire those just getting into BDSM and testing the waters. I would also hope that these stories would give some newcomers or inexperienced readers that stumble across the Oxy blog and the Oxy-shop website some ideas as to what to do with those shiny new toys they just ordered.

Surprise Mistress Questioning

Laura walked over to Tim, hugged him, and started kissing and making out with him.  She reached down and grabbed his cock through his shorts, which was still semi-flaccid due to the out-of-nowhere makeout session.  Giving his still partially soft cock a squeeze she broke off her kiss and pushed him back before saying,

“If your cock isn’t going to be instantly hard for me, I’ll just have to lock it up in its tight little chastity cage.”

“What?” Tim asked, caught off guard by this statement.

“I said, go lock that limp little cock up in it’s cage,” Laura responded even though she could see that his cock was quickly hardening and almost at full mast now, tenting out his shorts. 

“Oh, yes ma’am,” he responded.

 “and don’t make me repeat myself again,” she added with a swat on his ass as he turned to go put his cage on.  

Tim went back to the master bedroom and saw that their naughty toy box was already out of its hiding place in the closet and ready for him to get his cage out of so apparently Laura had something planned.  Tim quickly retrieved his cage from the toy box and went into the master bathroom to put it on in privacy. He looked down at his now fully erect cock wondering how he was going to accomplish this. He decided to grab a washcloth and soaked it in cold water before quickly wrapping his cock in it.  The shock of the cold water made his cock deflate enough for him to fit the cage’s base ring around the base of his cock and balls and squeeze his cock into its cage. It was a snug fit with his cock trying to harden again while the cage was being fitted into position but he was able to slide the lock in and click it into place just in time.  Once he had the cage fitted properly he opened the door to the master bath and was greeted by the sight of Laura standing in the middle of the master bedroom. She had stripped off all of her clothing and was waiting for him wearing nothing but her 6 inch heeled, black, thigh high Mistress boots, and a strapon harness with her purple six inch girlcock attached.  Tim’s cock instantly twitched in its cage as his eyes roamed over her body; her chocolate brown hair cascading down her shoulders to frame her perky B-cup breasts, her nipples firm from being turned on by whatever she had planned, and her tone body and firm ass were a sight to behold.   

“Oh, so now your cock wants to get hard for me huh?,” Laura said, instantly noticing it twitch in it’s cage.  “Well that’s too bad, it had its chance. My cock on the other hand,” she began, reaching down to squeeze and stroke her girlcock, “is always hard and ready to fuck.  Now come over here,” she commanded.

Tim walked the few steps over to her and stood in front of her waiting for further instruction.  Laura, now the same height of Tim thanks to her high heeled boots, pressed her lips to his and snaked her tongue into his mouth.  She pressed her body into his as they made out, making sure to press her hard girlcock against his body as well, to further her point that her cock was always hard.  Tims hands groped and squeezed her firm ass before working their way up her body to her breasts and nipples. Laura moaned into his mouth as he gently but firmly squeezed and played with her nipples just the way she liked.  After a few minutes, Laura broke the kiss and commanded Tim to kneel down.   

Tim instantly obeyed and kneeled in front of his sexy wife.  “Now I will show you what a big hard cock can do,” she said as she pressed the head of her girlcock to his lips.  Tim opened his mouth and started to lick and suck on the head of her girlcock. “Mmmmmm, you’re a good little cock sucker aren’t you?”, Laura asked as she started to rock her hips back and forth, slowly working her girlcock farther and farther into Tim’s mouth.  “Mmmmm,” is all Tim could respond. Laura then reached down and grabbed the back of Tim’s head while thrusting her hips forward, forcing her girlcock as far into his mouth as she could and held it there for a few seconds before pulling it partly out of his mouth to let him regain his composure and breath and said “Play with my pussy while you suck my hard girlcock.”  Tim reached up and felt her slick, wet pussy. It was so wet and turned on he was easily able to slide one, and then two fingers into her. Once his fingers were in her, he curled them slightly towards him to put pressure on her g-spot and started to slide them in and out of her. With each stroke of his fingers into her pussy, she slide her girlcock into his mouth. She matched the strokes of his fingers in and out of her pussy with the thrusting of her girlcock in and out of his mouth.  Fucking his mouth to the same rhythm as he was fingering her. She continued fucking Tim’s mouth this way until she felt the beginnings of a small orgasm starting; grabbing Tim’s head she forced her cock as deep into his throat as she could while the orgasm quickly rippled through her body and Tim’s fingers continued to pump in and out of her pussy.   

“Mmmmmmm, that is a good cock sucker,” she said as she pulled her girlcock fully out of his mouth with a popping sound.  “Now get up on the bed doggy style, I am going to fuck your hot little ass until you beg me stop.”

Tim quickly obeyed and climbed up on the bed.  He could feel Laura climb up on the bed behind him and then felt her drizzle and squirt some lube on and up his ass before lubing up her own girlcock.  He felt the tip of her cock slowly pressing into him, his ass opening up to accept her cockhead felt good and caused his cock to twitch and swell in its tiny enclosure.  He could feel her slowly sliding deeper and deeper into him until he felt her firm rubber balls pressing against the base of his cock and her hips resting on his ass cheeks.  

“Mmmmmmm,” he let out an involuntary moan as she bottomed out in him.

“Oh, you like that don’t you?”, Laura asked.  “Little sluts that can’t get their cocks instantly hard and ready love getting fucked in the ass, don’t they?”

“Mmmmmm, yes Ma’am,” Tim responded.

“That’s what I thought,”  Laura stated as she slowly started to thrust in and out of his ass.  “I bet your cock intentionally stayed soft because subconsciously you wanted to get fucked in the ass,” she said thrusting deeply into him and grinding her hips firmly against his ass.  “Isn’t that true slut?” she asked with another quick and hard thrust in and out.

“Mmmmmmm,” Tim moaned, “yes ma’am”

Laura then grabbed Tim’s hips and started to aggressively thrust in and out of him, pounding into his ass harder and harder with each thrust; the sound of Laura’s hips slapping against Tim’s ass quickly filled the room.  Tim was almost constantly moaning under her sudden barrage as his caged cock and balls swung wildly underneath him.

“You love having that little cock of yours locked up tight don’t you?” Laura asked as she slammed into his ass and held her cock firmly in place; taking a break from the pounding she had been giving him to catch her breath.

“Yes ma’am”, Tim responded as he tried to grind his ass against her girlcock. She held it tight against him, not allowing him to thrust against her.

“And you love feeling my big hard girlcock filling up your ass, don’t you?” she asked followed by a couple of hard and firm strokes in and out of his ass making sure to firmly bottom out on each stroke.

With each stroke Tim could feel the pressure increasing on his prostate and each slam of her balls against the base of his cock increased it further sending waves of pleasure through his body.  

“Ohhhh, yes, your big, hard girlcock feels so good!”, Tim gasped out between her thrusts.

 “I bet you want me to keep your cock locked up all the time”, Laura said as she started to thrust in and out of him at a steady pace.

“Mmmmm, yes ma’am,” Tim quickly agreed in his blissed out state.  He could feel an anal orgasm starting to crest.

“You want me to keep you locked up and only use my girlcock on you?” Laura asked speeding up her thrusts slightly.

“Ohhhhh, yes” Tim hissed through gritted teeth as he was getting closer and closer to an orgasm.

“Mmmm, your a naughtly little slut that wants your Mistress to keep fucking your ass with bigger and bigger girlcocks, aren’t you?” Laura continued her questioning while continuing to speed up her thrusts.

“Yes, ma’am, I want you to train my ass to take your big girlcocks,” he gasped out between moans.  He was so close to an orgasm now that he would have agreed to just about anything to keep her from stopping. 

“You want me to train your ass to take a giant horse cock dildo don’t you slut?!,” Laura practically yelled as she grabbed Tim’s hips and started pounding even harder into him at a lightning pace.

“Mmmmmm, yeeeeeeeesssss”, Tim howled as his anal orgasm finally ripped through his body causing each thrust of her girlcock to amplify and prolong his pleasure .

“Good, it’s settled then”, he heard Mistress Laura say.


Wait, what?......... he thought before being lost in wave after wave of pleasure washing over him as she continued to pound him through his orgasm.

To be continued……..