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Intro to new series:

This will be a collection of erotic short stories about a couple named Tim and Laura and their adventures into exploring the world of BDSM and kinky play. There is no definitive timeline associated with them, as in some may be more vanilla and tame from when they were first getting into BDSM play while others may involve a deeper journey into BDSM with group sex and kinkier scenes. These stories will involve Mistress/slave role play, Master/slave role play, male and female chastity, and pegging from a couple that does BDSM casually and not hardcore or as a life style. Hopefully these stories will inspire those just getting into BDSM and testing the waters. I would also hope that these stories would give some newcomers or inexperienced readers that stumble across the Oxy blog and the Oxy-shop website some ideas as to what to do with those shiny new toys they just ordered.


It was nearing the end of the work week and Tim and Laura were texting back and forth to figure out what they wanted to do over the weekend. As it typically did, the conversation turned towards sex plans as well.

What kind of kinky/naughty sex would you like to get up to this weekend ;) ?”, Tim texted Laura.


Well, it’s good that you brought that up,” she replied, “I have been doing some research on your desire to cum from anal stimulation only…”


Oh really?”


Yes, and I have found an “experiment” I would like to try on you.”


Go on”


Well I found an article on how to teach you to have an anal orgasm where you will feel a full orgasm and cum without any stimulation to your cock whatsoever but you are not be allowed to cum under any circumstances, for any reason during the experiment. It will involve lots and lots of sex, just no cumming….Well for you anyways ;)”


Sounds interesting…..lets discuss this some more tonight in bed ;)”


See you tonight then sexy ;)”


Later that night, Tim and Laura were snuggling in bed having a hot and heavy make out session. Their naked bodies were pressed against each other as their tongues swirled around each other and darted in and out of each others mouths. Tim’s hands roamed over Laura’s breasts and nipples giving them gentle squeezes and light, teasing pinches eliciting the occasional moan and hip thrust from her as she got more and more aroused. He then slid his hand down her side and started to squeeze and caress her nice firm buttocks, running his hand down her legs as far as he could reach and them back up and over her ass, up her back, and to her neck where he could press her lips firmly into his and intensify the kissing. Laura was also letting her hands roam Tim’s body, trailing her fingertips down his chest to his hard cock. She gently fondled his balls, giving them the occasional soft squeeze, and lightly ran her fingers over his cock, teasing and toying with his cockhead; her soft touches causing it to bounce and twitch as she hit all the right pleasure spots.


Just as Tim was slowly starting to work his hand between Laura’s legs and run his fingers up and down her dripping wet slit, Laura broke the kiss and pushed him back down on the bed as she sat up.


“Shall we talk about the little experiment I found?”, Laura asked seductively as she continued to lightly stroke and play with Tim’s cock and balls.


“Mmmm, yes I suppose we should,” Tim replied, enjoying the attention his cock was still getting.


“According to my research , it is a fact that all men can cum with no stimulation to their penis…” she said giving his a little squeeze, “ All that is required is to not let you cum under any circumstances, for any reason during the experiment except through anal stimulation”, Laura began.


“Interesting, and what all does this experiment involve?,” asked Tim


“Well, first you will need to be teased and edged at least once a day for about 2-5 days, during which you will get me off as much as I want but you will remained denied,”


“That doesn’t sound to bad so far”

“Then, after the first few days, you will get locked in your cock cage every night, and you will pleasure me however I want before I tease your cock and balls and fuck your ass with my girlcock. This will continue until you learn to cum from my big girlcock pounding your ass and nothing else. Some people only take 4 days to a week for this to happen and others can take up to 30 days but I am sure it won’t take that long for you. Of course, you will be pleasuring me the entire time and making sure that I get as many orgasms as I want.”


“Mmmmm, that sounds pretty hot. I suppose we could try that”, Tim said with a wink. “When were you wanting to start this?”


“Well, you have a long weekend coming up, why don’t we start with the teasing and edging tonight?”, Laura responded with another squeeze of his cock.


“Sure”, Tim replied enjoying the feeling of Laura’s hand stroking his cock while her other hand fondled his balls.


“Remember, I get to orgasm as much as I want through this, so don’t be getting jealous!”, Laura teased as she swung a leg over Tim and positioned herself in the 69 position. “Now get to pleasuring me!” she said as she lowered her wet, hot pussy onto Tims mouth and eagerly awaiting tongue. Tim wasted no time tasting Laura’s sweet wetness and exploring her folds with his tongue. Licking up and down the full length of her pussy and ass, pausing to swirl his tongue around her clit at one end and her ass hole at the other. Once Tim had settled into a good rhythm, Laura lowered her mouth down to this throbbing cock. She stuck out her tongue and licked the precum off the tip of his cock like it was an ice cream cone before swirling it around the head of his cock as she lowered her lips onto it. She then held the head of his cock in her lips as she flicked her tongue over and around the tip giving it a good lashing with her tongue. She could feel Tim moaning into her pussy as he licked and sucked on her. She then slowly lowered more and more of her mouth over his cock until it was touching the back of her throat. She paused, holding his cock pressed tightly against the back of her throat before raising up until just the tip was still in her mouth. She repeated this over and over again until she could tell Tim was close to cumming, then she would give his cock a little break and concentrate on licking and sucking his balls before going back to his cock. After a few rounds of this she was contented that Tim was good and horny, she then sat up and started to grind her pussy against his mouth seeking her own orgasm. Once she was satisfied, she leaned forward and gave Tim’s cock one last lick and kiss on the head before rolling off of him. As she got off the bed and walked toward the bathroom, she could see Tim’s cock was still rock hard and standing at full attention.


“You better get used to that,” she said with a wink. “Remember, you agreed to no cumming…”


Over the next few nights, this was the new norm in Tim and Laura’s bedroom. Laura would tease Tim nearly to the point of him exploding and then Tim would get her off. Some nights it was mutually timed in the 69 position, other nights Laura would have Tim lay down, lube his cock up and give him a nice, long and slow hand job. Always stopping before letting him cum and making sure not to ruin him either. She always made sure to bring him to the edge multiple times each night as well to insure that he was at maximum horniness and arousal levels. Then Tim would get her off using a combination of his tongue, fingers, toys or the strapon. Laura could tell that letting him use the strapon on her and watching a dildo fuck her hot little pussy instead of his hard cock made Tim even more aroused. As an added bonus, it was more enjoyable to her to get the feeling of a hard cock inside her with the intimacy of sex.


On the fourth night, Laura told Tim, “Go put your cage on before we play, I think it is time for the second stage of this little experiment”


Tim quickly went into the master bath and put on his cock cage. The 1.5” long cage held his cock snuggly and did not allow for any growth of his member while it was on. When he came back into the bedroom, he saw that Laura had put on one of her Mistress Laura lingerie outfits with one of her smaller girlcocks. She had on black leather thigh high boots with 8” heels, fishnet stockings, a black corset which accentuated her curves and breasts perfectly, and her strapon harness with her 5” pink girlcock. Tim’s cock was instantly bulging in it’s cage, a fact that Laura did not fail to notice.


“Oh, you like seeing me all dressed up and ready to use my girlcock on you dont you?”, she asked as she walked over to him and started to stroke his caged cock and balls.


“Yes ma’am,” he replied.


“Why don’t you kneel down and show me how much you like my girlcock,” Laura purred as she kissed him.


Tim obediently kneeled down in front of Laura and started to lick and suck on her girl cock as he also played with her pussy and nipples. As Laura got more and more aroused she started to thrust her girlcock in and out of Tims mouth, enjoying watching him suck her while his fingers stayed busy in her pussy.


“Get up and get on your hands and knees on the edge of the bed”, she ordered. Tim quickly obeyed and soon was kneeling on the edge of the bed with his ass in the air. Laura came over and started to lick and suck on his balls while teasing his cage with a small vibrator.


“I want to make sure that you are good and horny before I fuck you,” she said. “If you are horny enough, you might just get lucky and cum the first time. If not, then I guess the fun will continue!”, she said as she drizzled lube down Tims ass crack and all over her girl cock. Once she was sufficiently lubed up she slowly slide her girlcock into Tim’s ass almost instantly soliciting a moan from him.


“Oooh, you like that don’t you? And that’s with my smallest girlcock too”


Laura then slowly started to stroke her cock in and out of Tim’s ass. Slowly picking up speed until she was pounding his ass hard. All that could be heard over the sounds of Tims pleasure filled moaning was Laura’s hips slapping against his ass with each thrust. Tim could feel himself getting close but just not close enough to cum. After about 15-20 minutes of hard pumping Laura’s stamina was starting to give out.


“Well it doesn’t look like it is going to happen tonight,” she said stopping to catch her breath. “Perhaps you will have better luck tomorrow night.”


“Yeah,” Tim reluctantly agreed, “I was close, just couldn’t quite get there”.


Over the next few nights this similar scene played out in their bedroom every night. Tim would get his cock cage on and Laura would put on her strapon and girlcock. Every night Tim would get fucked while Laura would get off however she chose. Some nights Laura would be in lingerie or play Mistress Laura, other nights were more sensual with lots of kissing and foreplay prior to the anal play experimenting with different positions and girlcocks. All with the same result, Tim would be dripping precum and could get feeling like he was really close to cumming; he could even experience a small anal orgasm but just couldn’t quite cum.


As the following weekend was approaching Laura decided it was time to up the ante. The “experiment” she had found had stated that dirty talk during sex could help with getting and keeping your man highly aroused and could help push him over the edge. She figured it also couldn’t hurt to keep him in a state of arousal throughout most of the day and keep him thinking of hot naughty sex with her. So she thought up some good dirty talk and planned a Mistress Laura night for the following evening.


The next day Laura put her plan into action and started to send Tim naughty text messages while he was at work. She started slow with:


You’re Mistress is dying to see you cum from her big hard girlcock tonight ;) I hope my Slave is up for it!


Yes Mistress, I would love to serve you tonight. I can’t wait for you to be riding me with your big girlcock.


Laura then waited about 20-30 minutes before sending her next text. This one was sure to get his attention for the rest of the day. She sent:


Slave, I have packed an extra surprise for you in your lunch box. Open the package I placed in the top compartment and put the contents on. Send me a picture of it once you have completed your task.


Laura knew Tim had a private office with a locking door so her instructions would not be an issue for him plus she had made sure to do this toward the end of the working day so Tim would only have a couple of hours at work left to “suffer”.


Tim got up from his desk and shut and locked his office door before opening the top compartment of his lunch box where he found a small package waiting for him. Opening the package revealed his smallest cock cage nicely wrapped in tissue paper to prevent anything from rattling while the lunch box was being carried. He quickly unbuttoned his pants and fitted the cage onto himself. He then took a quick picture of his caged cock and sent it to Mistress Laura, as instructed, before opening his office back up and trying to get back to some semblance of work.


Once Laura received her message confirming Tim had his cage on she started to send even naughtier messages.


Slave, now that your cage is on, I am going to make sure that it stays feeling nice and tight for the rest of the day. You are not to respond to my Mistress Laura texts unless specifically asked to. Just read and enjoy them ;)


She then proceeded to send him naughty texts every 30 minutes or so for the rest of his work day.


Your Mistress is going to make you her personal anal slut tonight. I hope you are ready to cum because I am not going to stop fucking my horny little sluts ass until you do!


Hmmm, I wonder which one will make my slave cum tonight?She sent along with pictures of her holding each of her girlcocks up to herself quickly followed by: Don’t worry, I will figure it out….


I can’t wait for my Slave to get home and get me off to a delicious orgasm! I am so glad that I am allowed to cum while you stay locked up and denied!


I have had so many great orgasms over the last week, maybe I will just keep you locked up for as long as I want!


Thinking of watching my girlcock fuck your ass has me so wet right now, I just couldn’t wait for you to get home.She sent with a picture of herself with one of her dildos deep in her pussy.


By the time Tim got home that night, Laura had made good on her promise to keep his cock throbbing in his cage. He couldn’t wait to rip her clothes off and lick and suck on every inch of her body. Tim quickly found Laura in the kitchen preparing dinner. He snuck up behind her and put his arms around her and started to kiss and nibble on her neck and ear lobes while running his hands over her stomach and breasts. All the naughty messages had made Laura quite horny as well. She rubbed her ass against Tim’s crotch feeling his cage press against her while she enjoyed the attention she was getting. When Tim’s hand started to slide down the front of her pants, she didn’t protest, instead she moaned and rubbed back against him harder. She turned her head back toward Tim and started to kiss him as he alternated between kissing her lips, neck, and nibbling her ear lobes. Tim worked one hand under Laura’s bra and shortly was fondling one of her breasts and massaging a nipple between his thumb and forefinger while his other hand worked between her legs. Once there he easily slipped a couple of fingers into her soaking wet pussy and started to work them in and out of her, working his fingers in a “come here” motion to put pressure against her g-spot and rub her clit with each stroke. Laura didn’t last long, all the naughty texts and pictures she had sent Tim throughout the afternoon had gotten her just as worked up as him. She was soon thrashing against him and moaning loudly as he brought her to a quick orgasm.


“Mmmmm, that’s a good Slave making sure that his Mistress’s needs are taken care of first,” she said with a kiss once she had recovered. “Unfortunately for you, you still have to wait until later tonight for your play time!”


Laura then finished fixing dinner while Tim prepared them a couple of cocktails to enjoy with it. Once they had finished eating and had cleaned up the kitchen, Laura turned to Tim while refreshing her cocktail and said, “I believe it is time for you to go get in the shower. I like my slaves nice and clean before I get them all dirty. Oh and make sure you put in one of the vibrating butt plugs when you are done as well”


“Ohh, yes ma’am,” Tim responded as he hurried off to the shower.


While Tim was in the shower Laura started to get a few things ready for the evening. She got out the ropes and cuffs so she could tie him to the bed if she wanted, got the magic wand vibrator plugged in and staged on the bed with some towels and then picked out some lingerie. She had decided that she wanted to go for the slutty schoolgirl look tonight so she put on some white stockings with a short grey skirt that barely covered her ass, a pair of black 6” heels, a low cut push up bra, and a white button up blouse that was left mostly unbuttoned to display her breasts.  The bottom of the shirt was tied at her waist as well to show off her toned midriff. She then put on her strapon harness under the skirt with her 6 inch purple girlcock so that the tip of it was just peeking out. Just as she was finishing up she heard the shower shut off and Tim getting dried off and ready to come out.


When Tim opened the bathroom door and saw Mistress Laura’s outfit, his cock instantly started to bulge in his cage and twitched slightly. Laura smiled, knowing that her outfit had had the desired effect.


“Slave, I told you I was going to make you my little slut tonight and as everyone knows, sluts are always ready to suck and fuck. That is why you are wearing your cage and plug, to keep you nice and horny until I am ready to use you. Sluts also are always trying to tease their way into sucking and fucking with their naughty little underwear. So I need you to put these on,” she said as she tossed him a tiny g-string, “and get over her and suck my girl cock.”


“Yes ma’am,” Tim replied as he pulled on the g-string. The little triangular patch of fabric that made up the g-string was just barely large enough to cover his caged cock and balls. The silky fabric rubbing over his caged cock and balls along with the little string slipping between his butt cheeks as he knelt down in front of Mistress Laura made his cock throb even more in his cage.


“Mmmm, yes that g-string makes my slave look nice and slutty,” Laura said as she pressed the tip of her cock to Tims lips. “Now show me how good you can suck my girlcock”


Tim took the tip of her girlcock into his mouth and slowly started to lick and suck on it, working it further and further into his mouth until he was taking her entire length, bobbing up and down on it as if his life depended on it.


“Oh yes, suck my girlcock. That’s a good little slut, taking my entire cock like that. Mmmmm” Laura said as she grabbed Tims head and started to thrust into his mouth forcing her girlcock into the back of his throat making him gag slightly and then roughly riding his mouth.  After a few more minutes of this she pulled out of his mouth with a pop.


“Stand up slave”, she ordered.


Tim quickly obeyed. Laura took a step toward him and gave him a quick hard passionate kiss while feeling his caged cock and balls through the g-string before stepping back again and taking a quick peek inside of it.

“Looks like you make a good horny slut, your cock looks awful snug in its cage and you are starting to leak precum just from sucking on my girlcock. Only good sluts get that horny from sucking cock. Now lay on the bed.”


Tim quickly obeyed and soon had his hands and feet restrained to each corner of the bed. Once he was securely tied down, Laura reached between his legs and turned the vibrator on in the butt plug. This immediately caused a moan to escape from Tim’s lips. Laura then grabbed the magic wand vibrator, flipped it on and pressed it firmly against his cage. The vibrations quickly had Time leaking even more precum and bucking his hips.


“Guess we better be careful with this,” Laura said with a chuckle putting the vibrator down. “I wouldn’t want my slave to accidentally cum and have to start all over. I bet that cock would love to be out of its cage so it can get nice and hard. Maybe that will help you cum Slave.”


Laura then pulled the g-string aside and took the cage off of Tim’s cock. Before it could start growing she quickly snapped the g-string back in place and then watched as the bulge in the g-string rapidly grew and popped out of the top of the fabric, causing Tim to moan again in response to the feeling of the silky fabric sliding over his cock as it grew to its full length.


“Mmmm, I bet that feels good to let your cock out doesn’t it slut?” Laura asked


“Yes Ma’am”


“I bet your cock is just aching to fuck my hot wet pussy isn’t it?”


“Yes ma’am, it is. I would love to be able to fuck your pussy”


“Well, you know what you have to do before you can do that don’t you?”


“Yes ma’am”


“I am going to relentlessly tease your cock until it is ready to explode and then I am going to pound your ass with my big hard girlcock until you cum. Does that sound good slave?”


“Yes ma’am”


“Good,” Laura said as she took his cock into her mouth.


Tim was so worked up and horny from being teased and denied for over a week that every little touch caused his cock to twitch and bounce. All Laura had to do was give the head a couple licks with her tongue, or a couple of strokes with her hand or mouth and Tim would already be on the edge of exploding. She would give his cock a couple of strokes and then allow him to calm down a little by making out with him or lowering her breasts and nipples in and out of range of his mouth and then go back to stroking.  After about 20 minutes of teasing his cock she decided that he was as horny and as close to cumming as he was going to get.


“Slave, I am going to untie you now so that you can get on your hands and knees and receive the pleasure of my girl cock.”


Once he was untied, Tim quickly stripped off the g-string and removed the butt plug before getting into the doggy-style position on the bed. Once in position, Laura climbed up behind him, lubed them both up and easily plunged into his ass. They had been pegging so much over the last week that very little warm up was required. Tim started to moan instantly as Laura thrust her girlcock in and out of him. She quickly settled into a good rhythm and was soon pounding his ass. “Now it’s time to step up the dirty talk” she thought to herself.


“You like my big girlcock fucking you don’t you Slave?”


“Mmmmm, yes”


“I bet my big hard girlcock feels so good in your ass, filling you up, stroking in and out of you. I bet it makes you want to cum so bad, are you close to cumming Slave?”


“Ohhhh, mmmmmm, yes Mistress, I love your cock in me. I want it to make me cum,” Tim responded moaning and thrusting back against her.


“You like being my naughty little slut don’t you!” She didn’t wait for a reply before continuing. “You know sluts always get off right? It doesn’t matter how a slut is being fucked, they always cum. I want you to cum for your Mistress, you hear me? You are my naughty little slut and you will cum from my girlcock pounding you!”


As she was increasing her dirty talk she also shifted her position slightly so that she was penetrating Tim at a slightly downward angle to stimulate his prostate more. As she changed position she could hear Tims moans increase below her. This encouraged her to start fucking him harder and at alternating steep and shallow angles as well.


As Laura started to fuck him, Tim he could feel his orgasm building almost instantly and then get to the point that he had been stuck at almost every night. He could feel his pleasure increasing and the pressure increasing but just not quite enough to push him over the edge. Then Laura started talking dirty as she was fucking him and calling him her little slut and saying how much she loved seeing her girlcock in his ass. This started to get him more and more turned on as she said naughtier and naughtier things. He could feel himself getting closer and closer, then Laura changed the angle at which she was penetrating him so that his prostate was being pressed on more firmly with each stroke of her girlcock. He could feel himself getting even closer. Laura then started to slam into him harder and quicker at the new angles. He suddenly felt himself getting even closer and closer to cumming. He could feel his cock swelling and pulsing harder against his cage and then it was like a dam broke and he was suddenly having one of the most intense orgasms in his life. His ass was clenching and spasming aroundLaura’s girlcock as she continued to pound him and his cock started to spurt jet after jet of cum out.


“Oooohhh, mmmmmm, I’m cumming, I’m cumming” he shouted as his body was wracked into spasms from the intense climax he was experiencing. Once his spasms had receded Laura plunged her girl cock in and out of his ass a few more times before giving his ass slap and pulling out.


“Wow, that looked pretty intense. Maybe that’s the only way I will let my little slut cum from now on,” she said with a wink as Tim collapsed on the bed. She then dropped his cage in front of him on the bed and walked off to the master bath to get cleaned up.

Writers bio:

I enjoy writing erotic short stories about subjects that peak my interest. I draw my inspiration for my stories from browsing selections of sex toys and BDSM gear on specialty websites such as Oxy-shop, the naughty musing of my imagination, and past viewing of pornographic materials in my youth. I will see a toy or a picture of someone in bondage and will start to let my mind wandering imagining what would lead to such a situation or where such a toy would be used. Luckily for you, the reader, one day I started writing down these musing and expanding upon them and am now starting a collection of erotic short stories. I originally only wrote these for the reading pleasure of my significant other but have decided to expand my audience.